Sounds Good: A back-door view from Peggy’s on the Bayou

Published 9:25 am Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Googling is kind of like today’s version of throwing a dart on the map to decide where to go.
That’s how we wound up at Peggy’s on East Roundbunch Road in the Orange area. The phone indicated it was near our destination and we pulled up a menu offering pistolets. I was soon parking in the shell lot and ordering a soft shell crab poor boy.
After my husband and I shared the piping hot crawfish pistolet, we shared tge sandwich, which I disassembled so as to get a good look at the fried crab. It’s legs were like crispy bites of air. Then I got a body bite with the jalapeño bread, sauces and my added Tabasco. Heaven.
I was hoping the server would not come around during my final few bites. I wanted no distractions. When she did come to collect a very empty plate, she noted she had enjoyed watching me enjoy that poor boy.
Peggy’s really is right on the water and there was some boat traffic. Be sure to go out the back door to the screened-in area, but don’t go through the second door or you’ll be IN the bayou.

A great Depression read

I wasn’t there, but I’ve heard people recall details of The Great Depression. Betty Reed has written “The Winds of Time,” a “largely autobiographical” work detailing her life and travels through Arkansas, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. Families were displaces and living whenever they could. I can’t imagine living with relatives who seemed to watch every bite I’d take. Food was just one thing that was scarce.
The author is very good at memories like the texture of a biscuit and the details of ornate silver tableware. Dorrance Publishing Co. has released this collection, that thankfully comes with lots of photos of this woman’s storied life.

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