Relocating to Plano is bittersweet

Published 3:11 pm Monday, June 1, 2015

After much thought, I have decided to relocate to Plano. I will be moving in with my daughter and her family for a while. I will then figure out if I will live permanently in Plano, or return to good old Southeast Texas.

There are many reasons for the move. I am not saying it is one in particular. It all started with this horible anxiety I started having after surgery in December. I just never snapped back, like I should have, after my neck and spine surgery. It seemed that I had this weakness that would not let me live my life to the fullest. I left the hospital in December with Bronchitus. Because I live alone, I went to a therapy recovery hospital in Beaumont for a couple of weeks. This was really good for me. I regained a lot of my energy and felt I could handle whatever I had to endure from here.

Then the fun started! I soon found out that I was still in that funk I did not want to be in. My weakness returned with a vengence. I knew I could not be alone again. I went to my family and friends’ home for a couple more weeks. I could not get back on my feet. I had a frozen shoulder after the surgery, and had to have therapy for a while. It seemed strange that I so wanted to feel like I did before the surgery, but could not climb back up.

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After running a temperature on and off for a while, I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. Well that was a reason for feeling so run down. Again, my family and friends did not want me alone. I went from house to house for a while. Finally, I felt some energy return and went to my home. My daughter made sure that home health followed me home.

Oh, I felt pretty good for about a week, and started with the chills and fever again. After another visit with the doctor, I was diagnosed with Pneumonia again. My family did not want me to stay home again. Once more, I found refuge at a friend’s home.  I had a seige of bad stomach problems. After a few test, it was determined that I was in a state of depression and suffered from anxiety attacks. One day, I could not stop crying. I prayed for God to take me. I called my daughter and asked for help.

This next step is chilling. I was admitted into the hospital to regulate new medications to help control my anxiety and depression. This part was not too easy. I do not know how familar any of you are with the area you are sent to in the hospital for this type of treatment. It is morbid! I did straighten myself up quickly, after being in this part of the hospital. I immediately knew I was not ready to throw in the towel. I was released with new meds. I was still not really on my feet yet, so went back to my friend’s house.

After returning home, after a few days, I did some thinking. I still felt some weakness and felt just plain worn out. I spoke with all of my children, and decided that perhaps I should move in with my daughter to get some help. Actually, she and I talked a lot and made this decision together. I was to walk away from all stress related issues for a while and see if this would help my state of mind.

Thank the Lord that I do have an option. I do know that my daughter and her family live in a very pretty area of Plano. I am not wanting to burden them for very long, before getting back on my own. I do enjoy living alone. I think that I realized how scary it is to be on your own when you are not well. I do not expect them to wait on me. Just having a little security for a while may be what I need.

All that I know is that I am feeling a lot better, but the fatigue has remained. I get tired so very easy. I still have some health issures that are not serious. I am sure you know, as I do, that growing older will zap your energy. Hey, being sickly for about 6 months will do it too.

This may be a short stay. I guess this depends on many things. I must make important decisions for the rest of my life.

I am excited, in a sense, to see where I go from here. A new adventure! Packing up all my belongings and storing them, has not been easy. But, I did it, with a lot of help.

Don’t give up on me yet. I will be returning a lot to the area. If not for good, for many, many visits. I am determined to get myself to the point of better than ever. I will also continue to write and send my articles for The Port Arthur News, to Roger Cowles.

Thanks to all of you with a concern about my moving away. This is definitely bitter/sweet in a way. Bitter, because of my family and friends remaining here. Sweet, because of another new beginning.  I know I can make it happen.

Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at