Cohrt’s 788 sets sizzling

Published 5:21 pm Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A few of the leagues were still in  attendance during Thanksgiving week and

Bo Cohrt made sure he took advantage of  it.  Bo picked up his ball, tossed

 out his first 3 games in Vin’s Paint and Body NFL league, and proceeded to

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roll  games of 288-278 & 222 for a sweet 788 series. 

  Bill White (259-269-215-743) and Sami Jo  Williams (247-202-233-682) finished out the top

bowlers for the week.  

  VALERO:  Bill White-259-269-215-743, Skipper  Arsenault-694, Sami Jo

Williams-247-202-233-682, Bryan Boldt-258-675, Derick  Vidalier-232-238-672,

Gerald Watkins-228-652, Ricky Trevino-211-224-629, Robert

Seymour-245-212-620, Derrick Rivers-200-213-201-614, Royce Robbins-218-581,  Kermit

Morrison-217-544, Roger Hartwig-244, Colby Daniel-238, Stan Ruth-238,  Pete

Chiasson-223, Bob Cullums-212, Linda Watkins-202, Richard  Lamance-178

  MONDAY SENIORS:  Roy  McClure-224-607, Paul McDaniel-202-201-601, Rick

Hermsen-235, Cotton  Glidewell-217-216, Art Leon-204, Don Dunn-204

  VIN’S PAINT AND BODY NFL:  Bo  Cohrt-288-278-222-788, Mark Simon-219-534,

Julie Rankin-143-362, Sean  Mouchette-234, Devron Rankin-215, Jimmy

Hembree-212, Dan Mandeville-202, Craig  Rankin-171

  FRIDAY FUN BUNCH:  Wesley  Williams-226

  STARS OF TOMORROW SINGLES:  GriffinWilliams-262-568, Kody Kolb-150-159-442,

Ericha Guyote-156-406,  Abram Wersig-176-401, Kaylee Powell-216, Anna

Verdecia-189, Noah  Taylor-174