Patti Gay column: Branden Powell has another big night at Max Bowl

Published 12:54 pm Saturday, April 13, 2013

Several nice scores that might normally be on top, didn’t have a chance once Branden Powell stepped up on Thursday night in the Mega Money league.  

    Starting the night with his highest game, a 280, he followed up with a 254 and came back strong with a 277 to give him a total score of 811.  This is the 3rd week in a row for an 800 series!  

    The best lady bowler of the week, RaeAnna Todora, was also right on her mark with a 289-225-228-742.  Congratulations Branden and RaeAnna on some fine bowling.  

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    George Gund-257-220-276-753, Russell Hebert-279-279-740, Derek Williams-234-242-258-734, Tray Batson-216-278-232-726, Rick Hermsen-234-269-214-717 & 245-247-216-708, Ronnie Sonnier-279-210-226-715, Bill White-246-212-248-706, Bruce Hasch-247-245-214-705, and Zim Morris-279-246-702 all followed up with 700’s.

MONDAY SENIOR:  Rick Hermsen-245-247-216-708, Cotton Glidewell-244-615, Gloria Divello-221, VJ Willis Sr-196, Earl J Duhon-177

ROAD RUNNERS:  Rick Hermsen-234-269-214-717, Oliver Balagot-234-608, Bill Lawless-199-583, VJ Willis-193-201-572, Lewis Garza-206

VALERO:  Russell Hebert-279-279-740, Tray Batson-216-278-232-726, Darrell McKee-258-256-678, Mack McPhatter-244-661, Ashley Nunez-220-632, Justin Cates-236-235-631, Lewis Garza-221-616, Murphy Burch-206-216-605, Walter Tucker-243-605, Alan Kay-231-575, David Lemaire-199-552, Dee Dennis-196-548, Bob Cullums-256, Tommy Nguyen-256, John Allen-248, Mark Zerko-244, CJ Moity-237, Eric Kyles-226, Clinton Hancock-217, Rusty Doucet-212, Alanda Boldt-204, Kermit Morrison III-200, Maryana Kimball-187

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Lynne Richter-202-561, Alice Barnes-531, Connie Mathison-204, Dot Font-201, Elsie Tweedel-175, Beverly Wallace-155

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: James Pitre-257-227-687, Tommy Girolamo-245-684, Gary Vincent-246-670, Gloria Divello-236-612, VJ Willis-212-585, Blanch Comeaux-192-524, Hedy Zampini-186-513, Marvin Ermel-216, Bill Blackman-214, Donald Bourg-211, August Gonsoulin-208, Bonnie Timaeus-184

MID COUNTY MIXED:  Ryan Cooper-234-675, Chuck Hall-216-634, Marvin Balagot-207, Cameron Naron-186

FUNBOWLERS:     RaeAnna Todora-289-225-228-742, Bill White-246-212-248-706, Bruce Hasch-247-245-214-705, Carl Quinn-235-621, Ashley Nunez-223-620, Bob Grusecki-222-610, Michelle Powell-203-207-599, Ken Johnson-256-573, Kerry Stevens-206-201-564, Charlene Wersig-211-544, Ronald Leonard-202-540, Shannon Quinn-204-531, Chris Merritt-191-504, Missy O’Connor-204-501, Kathy Perio-178-483, Bo Cohrt-247, Stuart Ellis-230, Richard Beaumont-26, Jerry Thompson-212, Mike Wagner-200, Dee Dennis-193, Allison Simon-188, Sandy Crow-188

MEGA MONEY:   Branden Powell-280-254-277-811, George Gund-257-220-276-753, Derek Williams-234-242-258-734, Ronnie Sonnier-279-210-226-715, Zim Morris-279-246-702, Russell Hebert-256-690, Chuck Burns-257-218-689, Kirwin Melo-248-246-685, Charlie Rhodes-224-662, Georgeann Richardson-266-660, Lyn Bourgeois-228-659, Rex Morris-236-215-656, Jeff Hayes-225-217-653, Andrew Pridemore-230-646, John Lemonis-257-644, Ray Todora-233-228-641, Andy Rogers-245-247-638, Renee Moity-213-227-631, Caleb Klein-245-605, Roynald Allen Sr-235-603, Isaac Rollins, Jr-231-538, Laura Scully-181-512, Darlene Anderson-176-499, Bill White-279, Eric Harrington-267, Shane Harlow-259, Chris Rhodes-258, Tray Batson-257, Chris Chiasson-257, CJ Moity-257, George Parsley-244, Rhonda Stout-237, RaeAnna Todora-237, Travis Johnson-236, Rick Malmberg-236, Trey Todora-233, Curtis Harrington-233, Fred Feldschau-231, Tommy Courmier-228, Tom Roberts-225, Troy Berg-224, Blaine Daniel-224, Lewis Garza-220, Rob Lowe-219, Gary Biegas-219, Marcus Joseph-214, Jo Ann Williams-212, Colby Daniel-211, Ryan Williams-210, Phil Rogers-206, Patsy Ronquille-188

FRIDAY FUN BUNCH:  Martha Mitchell-135-372

STARS OF TOMORROW:   Jarred Maxwell-191-529, Katie Quinn-212