Mega Money league the place to be

Published 10:59 pm Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Mega Money league was the place to be again for the high series and game of the week.  Rhett Williford, starting the night with a 268, went on to finish with a 228 and 269 for the top score of 765.  Skipper Arsenault took the high game with his 300, making that his 45th perfect game and Sami Jo, once again, retained her spot with a 268-257-217-742.  One other shout out goes to Eric Monarch, in Vin’s Paint and Body NFL league, for his 225 triplicate.  Other nice scores are as follows:  CJ Moity-270-247-235-752, Skipper Arsenault-207-238-300-745, Rick Hermsen-256-224-265-745, Ronnie Sonnier-276-216-249-741, Dana Pratt-237-259-236-732, Branden Powell-237-215-279-731, Kirk Veillon-224-254-237-715, Devon Rankin-245-258-211-714, Derek Williams-236-213-257-706,and Bo Cohrt-259-229-215-703.

FYI:  If you haven’t been to Max Bowl recently and you love games, then you need to take a trip to the bowling center.  You will be amazed at what has happened to the game room!

VIN’S PAINT AND BODY NFL:  Eric Monarch-225-225-225-675 (triplicate), Tim Owens-202-562, James Neel-224-225

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MONDAY SENIORS:  Oliver Balagot-225-210-596, Bill Blackman-222-583, Venix Morris-205, John Provost-184, John Beard-176

VALERO:  Branden Powell-237-215-279-731, Devon Rankin-245-258-211-714, Mark Zerko-228-246-674, Mack McPhatter-252-664, Pete Chiasson-258-657, Bob Cullums-238-228-636, Paul McKee-216-608, Rusty Doucet-222-586, Larry Swiderski-226-573, Smokey Rodrigues-202-565, Dolores Rodrigues-189-448, Mike Doyle-248, Matt Mannino-225, Kyle Miller-224, Leonard Casmore-222, Gail Seymour-214

ROAD RUNNERS:  Rick Hermsen-258-679, Robert Seymour-227-592, Bill Blackman-200-565, Bill Lawless-201

QUEEN TUMBLERS:  Connie Mathison-204-549, Alice Barnes-201-549, Lynne Richter-516, Dot Font-212-504, Frances Boudreaux-501, Betty Shannon-204

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Gary Vincent-257, Donald Bourg-223, Venix Morris-214, Chuck Burns-201

MID COUNTY MIXED:  Oliver Balagot-234, Rey Diestro-220, Dani Santos-202

FUNBOWLERS:  Bo Cohrt-259-229-215-703, Joey Pitre-227-246-669, Eric Monarch-225-626, James Roberson-236-619, Eric Kyles-212-573, Tammy Berg-204-559, Patsy Ronquille-188-542, Shannon Quinn-211-532, Aubrey McKee-181-500, Branden Powell-279, Dean Wersig-259, James Neel-236, Sidney Badon-236, Charles Venable-223, Allison Simon-220, Roy Goeddertz-213

MEGA MONEY:   Rhett Williford-268-228-269-765, CJ Moity-270-247-235-752, Skipper Arsenault-207-238-300-745, Rick Hermsen-256-224-265-745, Sami Jo Williams-268-257-217-742, Ronnie Sonnier-276-216-249-741, Dana Pratt-237-259-236-732, Kirk Veillon-224-254-237-715, Derek Williams-236-213-257-706, Mike Rodgers-267-696, Gary Martin-236-692, Tray Batson-244-692, George Gund-267-692, Dustin McDonald-288-690, Jonathan Martin-246-686, Jared Morein-244-664, Matthew Wolfe-226-632, Seth Reed-228-244-627, Trey Todora-225-621, Brett Chipman-221-571, Linda Singleton-212-553, Casey Williams-209-486, Chris Rhodes-279, Gary Vincent-268, Wesley Williams-260, Cody Kendall-256, Karen Bellow-255, Colby Daniel-255, Paul Vaughan-247, Mike Charles-245, Logan Lomasney-237, Eric Kyles-236, Cole Guidry-223