White, Todora set hot Megaplay pace

Published 7:00 pm Saturday, November 13, 2010

With the Turkey Shoot is in full swing at MegaPlay USA, and Thanksgiving just around the corner, Bill White is once again combining some nice numbers. 

    He started out the week in the Valero league with a 254-238-229-721 and then shot the high series of 771 with games of 256-257 and 258.  Raeanna Todora was really on the mark for the ladies with a 279-268-741. 

    Several other guys bowled well and are as follows:  Chris Chiasson-265-226-267-758, Chris Rhodes-267-234-247-748, Robert Kistner-256-247-219-722, and Skipper Arsenault-214-256-238-708.

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VALERO:  Chris Chiasson-265-226-267-758, Bill White-254-238-229-721, Skipper Arsenault-214-256-238-708, Bryan Boldt-221-280-670, Stan Ruth-245-243-654, Chris Marze-225-643, Pete Chiasson-224-216-640, Justin Cates-230-256-637, John Robison-213-596, Michael Castaneda-233-595, Judy Arsenault-209-204-568, John Tsai-204-201-567, Brent Berry-225-564, Kermit Morrison III-213-532, Richard Lamance-194-505, Clinton Hancock-186-504, Kirwin Melo-268, Mack McPhatter-254, Kurt Cullums-236, John Parent-227, Tharen Robertson-216, Lewis Garza-216, Gail Seymour-213, Trent Downs-213, Duane Van Law-205, Derrick Rivers-204

MONDAY SENIORS:  Jerry LeBleu-191-502, Tommy Girolamo-259, Cotton Glidewell-241, Oliver Balagot-225

VIN’S PAINT AND BODY NFL:  Paul Brown-196-526, Dan Mitchell-230

ROADRUNNERS:  Gloria Divello-243-244-684, Phil Rogers-226-249-677, Marvin Ermel-256-624, Bob Skelton-205-216-611, John Provost-201-563, Rick Hermsen-237, Cotton Glidewell-216

GOLDEN OLDIES SRS:  Phil Rogers-278, Tommy Girolamo-244, Chuck Burns-243, Donald Bourg-216, Hedy Zampini-194, John Beard-172, Sandra Firman-167

FUNBOWLERS:  Robert Kistner-256-247-219-722, Ashley Nunez-222-214-208-644, Jerry Thompson-236-615, Eric Monarch-241-597, Wayne Gorby-221-563, Allison Simon-200-512, Bobby Abraham-195-497, Thomas Chapman-244, Troy Berg-237, John Schmidt-235, Richard Beaumont-233, Stuart Ellis-224, Justin Gorby-224, Eric Monarch-224, Dawn Carona-224, Jeff Bozeman-209

MID-COUNTY MIXED:  Chuck Hall-235, Shirley Agustin-174

MEGA MONEY:  Bill White-256-257-258-771, Chris Rhodes-267-234-247-748, Raeanna Todora-279-268-741, Buddy Sepeda-247-697, Shane Harlow-259-691, George Parsley-265-680, Cuong Cao-263-673, Rick Hermsen-248-237-687, David Feldschau-251-668, Derik Gund-259-653, Wesley Williams-236-224-652, Randy Callahan-231-196-202-629, Fred Gabriel-226-596, Robert Seymour-214-207-588, Jake Monceaux-215-535, Erik Postula-279, Mike Rodgers-265, Donald Guest-249, Russell Hebert-235, Paul Vaughan-235, Jonathan Martin-234, Bob Bellow-231, Matthew Mannino-229, Jim Singleton-223, Trey Gamage-219, Trent Downs-212, Lewis Garza-211, Alex Garcia-203

FRIDAY FUN BUNCH:  Elvira Jones-167

STARS OF TOMORROW SINGLES:  Matthew Maxwell-200-202-596, Anna Verdicia-213-527, Cierra Frederick-135-324, Kaylee Powell-200, Wyatt Givan-167, Abram Wersig-138, Shane Foreman-123

Patti ga is The News bowling columnist