Principal puckers up to barnyard friend

Published 8:17 am Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So much can happen on a blind date. Some may go “baaaaad”— others good — but when you throw in a Principal, a goat and hundreds of screaming students, things may get a little interesting.

“Kiss that goat, kiss that goat,” roared Robert E. Lee Elementary students, faculty and staff in Port Arthur Tuesday afternoon when Rizvan Quadri, Principal at Lee Elementary knelt down ready to pucker up to his new furry friend.

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While kissing a goat may seem romantic, Quadri did it as an incentive for students to raise $3,500 so the school could donate books to several children’s organizations. The school not only met the goal, but exceeded it raising $50 dollars more than the original target, Quadri said.

“The point of the program was if they (students) raised enough money they (Program organizers) could put a book in the hand of every kid,” Quadri said.

Students, faculty and staff accomplished this goal in only two months, just in time for summer reading.

Thanks to participation from Lee Elementary, every student will receive a book, Amy Hoang, program organizer and PTA President at Lee Elementary, chanted during the school’s “E-I-E-I Oops!” program.

“The Principal challenged students daily to ‘go for the goat’, over the intercom,” Hoang said. “And they (students) were super excited. We were short yesterday by $200 and they (students) brought in $350 today.”

Part of Scholastic’s one-dollar-for-books program, Hoang said, every dollar a student donates, Scholastic donates a book. This year, the books will be distributed to three organizations, including, Toys for Tots, Family Literacy and Kids in Distress. 

“They’ll (Scholastic) donate 10,500 books, because of our students, to needy children,” Hoang, said.

Debbie Graham with Scholastic said Hoang worked hard to put the book fundraiser together and it showed.

“Amy started with doing book fairs and saving money and has worded extremely hard,” Graham said. “Thanks to Amy everyone will go home with books this summer.”