Baysmore stays put in Port Arthur

Published 5:43 pm Friday, September 26, 2008


Age: 89

Community connection: Longtime Port Arthur resident

Fast fact: Baysmore’s kitchen features a rooster and chicken collection

Quick Quote: “Well, you know, I’m old and nervous.”

With cereal bars from the Salvation Army tucked under one arm, Jennie Baysmore used her cane to show where a big tree limb nicked the side of her Atlanta Ave., home.

“Well, you know, I’m old and nervous,” Baysmore said Tuesday.

She’s surrounded by neighbors and family, including granddaughter Mythesia Mike, who’s staying over because her apartment received damage … just like it did after Hurricane Rita.

Baysmore, 89, said she never wants to leave her Port Arthur neighborhood, and is glad Ike didn’t treat her any worse than he did. While evacuated to a church shelter in Center, she got reports of roof damage and a blown-out window, but the limb she found at the back door upon her return was news.

“They didn’t tell me about the tree. I guess they didn’t want to worry me,” Baysmore said.

As her Pomeranian Callie nestled under the coffee table, Mike grilled burgers in the kitchen with the recently-restored power.

Jacqueline Jones is Baysmore’s across-the-street neighbor and niece. She’s been helping the pair acquire food. Jones, who suffered some siding damage and house shifting from Ike, noted the Gustav and Ike evacuations will put a strain on everyone’s budget.

“It’s costly, you know,” Jones said.

Baysmore moved knickknacks around where water had come into her bedroom and showed where the wall will need repair. She again expressed a love for her surroundings and a desire to stay put.

“I’ve been here for years,” Baysmore said. “Fifty-odd years.”

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