A plan for illegal immigrants

Published 8:15 am Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I want to express my feelings on the immigration problem in this country. First let’s militarize all illegal males to go back to Mexico and oust their corrupt government, a government that forces them to become illegal and break the law in order to make a better life. Most illegals would not agree. Most remain loyal to Mexico, as well as their kin back home.

The undocumented just want to make a decent wage, not fix what is broken in their country. If the undocumented were serious about becoming U.S. citizens they would volunteer to help in the fight against terrorism. If it is good enough for our boys, why not the undocumented. They would be heroes instead of law breakers. The U.S. has enriched their lives, as well as their families back in Mexico. I cannot imagine putting your life in harm’s way to come to foreign country with a foreign language unless living conditions are unbearable and primitive.

President Fox has not returned the American hospitality. If America could own land in Mexico the opportunities in Mexico would be endless for U.S. as well as its people. After all isn’t Fox an English name.

Lydia Kurtz

Port Arthur

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