, Port Arthur, Texas

November 26, 2013

SPORTS MAILBAG: Vote of confidence for LU's Ray Woodard

The Port Arthur News


 The Port Arthur News has discussed concerns about "the lack of student interest" in our Cardinals football program this year.  

 In the 1970's I can remember the same statements about basketball attendance.  

 Then Billy Tubbs showed up for his first run and McDonald Gym had standing room only. Win and they will come. The early interest in the 2008 Cardinal Football program was phenomenal.  

 However, anyone who thought that the first McNeese game, the fireworks, and the tailgate parties were indicative of the immediate success was not facing reality. It was said in 2008 and remains true that it would take 10 years for the program to mature and be consistently successful against Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, and McNeese.   

 Ray Woodard's long-term commitment to the Cardinals football program goes way beyond all expectations. He has always been the right man for the job.  

 In fact, the 2013 SFA and McNeese games have shown a program maturity that is indeed ahead of schedule.  

 Coach Woodard and his staff need the community's support to begin their recruiting season. They are totally dedicated to Cardinal Football.  We should be as dedicated to them.

Bill Worsham

Port Arthur