, Port Arthur, Texas

October 19, 2013

Janice Todora bowling column: Williams rolls 300, Martin's 795 series tops

Janice Todora
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR —  Hello bowlers, my name is Janice Todora and I will be doing the bowling column for the Port Arthur News. I bowl on Thursday with my son, Trey, and daughter, Raeanna. If there is any special news I need to include in this column feel free to contact me or leave a note at the desk. I will do my best to report the information I am given. This first column will try to catch us up to date.

 Jonathan Martin was on top of his game last week at Mega Play. Jonathan rolled games of 279-268-248 for a nice 795 set. Derek Williams led the way with high game of the week as he buried all 12 of his shots for a perfect 300. Congrats to these two bowlers on a fine week at the lanes.

 Now for a recap of the league scores:

 MEGA MONEY: Kirwin Melo-267-279-238-784, Jeff Anderson-235, Jimmy Calder-266-749, Cuong Cao-267-640, Chris Chiasson-255-678, Russell Hebert-259-674, Howard Holst II-192, Walter Homick-232-655, John Lemonis-267-646, Logan Lomasney-258-279-211-748, Marty Luginbohl-267,Tommy Nguyen-236-246-223-705, Branden Powell-268-246-226-740, Devon Rankin-277-647, Chris Rhodes-253-713, Tommy Roberts-231-603, Casey Smith-234-218-255-707.

 ROAD RUNNERS: C J Moity-278-708, Gary Vincent-225.

 VALERO: James Engle-258-711, Kelly Gaspard-233-638, Roy Goeddertz-202, Shane Harlow-279-708, Eric Kyles-227, Teri Lamance-162-436, David Lemaire-233-602, Jonathan Martin-245-721, Samuel McGlory-233, Mack McPhatter-278-675, C J Moity-244-702, John O'Connor-258, Erik Postula-286, Derrick Rivers-246-255-235-736, Derek Williams-258-217-300-775, Rhett Williford-255-224-257-736.

 GOLDEN OLDIES SRS: Bill Allen-226, Donald Bourg-227-601, William Gore-202, Bill Lawless-214, Venix Morris-223, Frank Rios-161, Gary Vincent-256, Hedy Zampini-201.

 FUN BOWLERS: Heather Cooper-152, Molly Hogan-213-546, James Neel-225-606, Jerry Thompson-151-151-151-453.

 MID COUNTY MIXED: Resty Baluyot-204, Israel Guidry-200, Mita Ikari-411.

 MONDAY SENIORS: Cotton Glidewell-230-644.

 QUEEN TUMBLERS: Rita Hicks-462, Alice Barnes-186-477, Mimi Rose-172-484, Betty Shannon-518, Lynne Richter-491, Elsie Tweedel-442, Dot Font-434, Connie Mathison-544, Flo Benoit-172-499 Bel Garcia-454, Jenni Beaumont-180-491.

 STARS OF TOMORROW: Blake Dugas-150-409, Griffin Williams-194-502 Hunter Engle-250-598, Blaine Seymour-172-448, Hannah Engle-171-415, Jarred Maxwell-203-213-183-599.