, Port Arthur, Texas

February 16, 2013

Patti Gay column: Bruce Hasch close on 800 series

Patti Gay
The Port Arthur News


     I may not have been given many scores this week, but there were still some really good numbers to report from the Max Bowl league play.  

    Bruce Hasch, was only 10 pins short of that 800 goal with a 790 series while competing in the Funbowlers league.  He rolled 3 really nice games of 278-268 and 244 to take the top spot for the guys, while the top lady was, once again, Sami Jo Williams with a 228-236-669.  

    Other good scores were shot by the following: Eric Harrington-269-257-246-772, Rick Hermsen-240-256-258-754, Skipper Arsenault-259-231-252-742, George Parsley-232-223-268-723, Mike Rodgers-258-215-233-706, Ronnie Sonnier-246-238-223-706, and Jeff Wright-227-246-232-705.


MONDAY SENIOR:  Carl Wuenschel-173-461, Venix Morris-203, Jerry LeBleu-202


ROAD RUNNERS:  Rick Hermsen-240-256-258-754, Don Bourg-203-211-598, Gary Vincent-232, Phil Rogers-202, VJ Willis-190, Charlotte Banks-163


FUNBOWLERS:  Bruce Hasch-278-268-244-790, RaeAnna Todora-227-225-656, James Neel-224-619, Bob Grusecki-224-602, Chris Wolfe-205-204-587, Charles Venable-182-233-571, Rusty Crow-200-543, Allison Simon-187-533, Ricky Neilson-196-480, Eric Monarch-208-470, Clint Foster-173-443, Kristi Doucet-145-152-415, Bill White-246, Ashley Nunez-234, Larry Perio-220, Sidney Badon-217, James Roberson-216, John Schmidt-214, Mike Wagner-207, Jerry Thompson-187, Sandy Crow-186, Judy Lynch-181, Dianna Hinton-169, Dolores Rodrigues-158


MEGA MONEY:   Eric Harrington-269-257-246-772, Skipper Arsenault-259-231-252-742, George Parsley-232-223-268-723, Mike Rodgers-258-215-233-706, Ronnie Sonnier-246-238-223-706, Jeff Wright-227-246-232-705, Mark Maxwell-259-231-252-685, CJ Moity-268-677, Cuong Cao-247-225-677, Mike Charles-246-267-675, Bo Cohrt-265-674, Logan Lomasney-269-672, Sami Jo Williams-228-236-669, Russell Hebert-256-664, Trey Todora-225-226-660, Rex Morris-211-256-657, Roynald Allen Jr-212-242-639, Paul Morvant-231-242-611, Justin Pratt-200-203-598, Karen Bellow-218-595, Donna Rhodes-201-212-592, James Morein-257-573, Jonathan Wolfe-202-215-572, Gloria Divello-222-562, Jacob Monceaux-221-558, Gary Biegas-203-182-554, Michael Morvant-207-528, Anna Bertrand-190-487, Derik Gund-253, John Lemonis-247, Tray Batson-245, Lewis Garza-233, Devin Rankin-224, Joseph Wolfe-222, Chris Edwards-222, Jeff Hayes-220, Gina Wilson-220, Jacob Askew-220, Jeff Anderson-216, Rob Klezmann-211, Tommy Courmier-211, Pete Chiasson-208, Rhonda Stout-204, Blaine Daniel-190, Isaac Rollins Jr-182, Kim Sonnier-173, Debbie Morein-156