, Port Arthur, Texas

April 3, 2014

Five questions with Lady Indians pitcher Maci Dean

Gabriel Pruett
The Port Arthur News

PORT NECHES — Port Neche-Groves pitcher Maci Dean was nervous Thursday when walking up to be interviewed.

She swore she was bad at answering questions yet it only took about 30 seconds to realize she was very wrong.

Dean is not only very good at interviews, she is also very good on the mound and at the plate for the Lady Indians.

The Lady Indians are attempting to reach the playoffs out of District 20-4A and take to the road tonight to face Beaumont Central.

Here is a quick insight into Dean and why Thursday became the day she had her worst memory on a softball diamond happen in the blink of an eye.

GP: What is your first memory of playing softball?

MD: It was in 8U and I played right field. I wasn’t very good. I was the kid who picked flowers in the outfield. The next year though I turned it around and played shortstop and was the fourth batter.

GP: What is the worst memory you have playing softball?

MD: It happened today. I was swinging the bat and hit one of my teammates in the head. It was Brianna Singler. She had to go home and everything. I felt horrible.

GP: Who is your hero?

MD: It is Keilani Ricketts. She is the pitcher for OU. She is a phenomenal pitcher and is a great batter. She is just amazing.

(The writer of this piece has one thing to say to Dean, HOOK EM!)

GP: Who comes up with those chants the team screams in the dugout/

MD: Every year the seniors teach the new people. The seniors pass it on. It is always the same ones each year.

GP: What is an embarrassing TV show you watch too much of?

MD: I have this obsession and people always laugh at this. I love Dawson’s Creek. It is a really old show, I know that, but I am obsessed with it.