, Port Arthur, Texas

September 9, 2013

Brown takes pride in other’s accomplishments

Gabriel Pruett
The Port Arthur News

NEDERLAND — The life of an offensive lineman can be tough sometimes.

There is not much love and publicity thrown these guys way after games. Most sports fans would rather hear about how many passing yards the quarterback had, how many yards rushing the tailback had or if a defensive back had an interception.

Well, Nederland football fans meet your center, Cole Brown.

Brown is the prototypical offensive lineman a fan would see on most football teams.

His name does not grace headlines too often, yet without him Nederland would have a tough time rushing for 475 yards in its first two games, like it has in 2013.

“The first thing I will say is his parents did a great job raising him,” Nederland Coach Larry Neumann said. “His dad played under Curtis (Barbay) in Newton and his family is a sports family in general. I know his mother is a football fan, so I think a lot of that motivated him to become the young man he is today.”

Neumann hit it on the head when talking about what drives Brown to be one of the area’s best offensive linemen.

“I remember my dad always talking about his playing career at Newton,” Brown said. “That really pushed me to want to play football. Then, as a kid, he always brought us to the Nederland games and I looked up to the players that were on the field. They made me want to become a Bulldog.”

Neumann is proud to have Brown back on his offensive line. The coach said Brown has become a leader on offense who expects the most out of himself and his teammates on every play.

“He is a tough kid and when I say tough I also mean mentally tough,” Neumann added. “Cole does not have much tolerance for anything he does not perceive as perfection. He simply loves the game and loves being physical for the entire game.”

So while other skill position players get most of the credit for wins and even losses, Brown always feels his job was accomplished when he looks at the game’s statistics.

“If Kendrick (Hopkins, tailback) has a lot of yards he always shows us on the line a lot of appreciation,” Brown said. “If our quarterback stayed healthy during the game, we also feel like we did our job as a line. It is an accomplishment for our whole line, not just myself. I want these things for all of us on the line.”

It is this dedication Neumann has grown to love about his center through through two plus seasons as a starter. If Neumann had 10 more players like Brown on the field on offense, he figures a deep run to the playoffs would happen every year for Nederland.

“He takes pride in what he does as an offensive lineman,” Neumann said. “His confidence bleeds through to the rest of the positions on offense. Our offensive line is way ahead of schedule at this point in the season. A lot of our success on our offensive line comes from the dedication of Cole.”

Brown and the Bulldogs will be at home for the first time this year this Friday against Angleton.