, Port Arthur, Texas

June 14, 2013

Editorial: After 15 years, Chester executed

The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — The shadow of convicted serial murder Elroy Chester was cast over Port Arthur one last time this week as his execution date caused families of his victims and the community to recall the horror of those days 15 years ago when his six-month crime spree left five dead and others damaged.

As attention was focused on the killer while he was put to death, we want to remember the victims. Decorated firefighter Willie Ryman III died trying to protect his nieces from a beastly, brutal attack. John Henry Sepeda, 78, and Etta Mae Stallings, 87, were killed during burglaries as the cowardly killer preyed upon the elderly. He stalked Cheryl DeLeon, 40, and viciously beat her to death with a gun as she arrived home from work. Even his own brother-in-law, Albert Bolden Jr., was shot to death by the killer who knew no allegiances, showed no humanity.

The execution of Elroy Chester does not bring any of the victims back or ease the loss of their families. But now when the victims are remembered, their loved ones won’t have to wonder what will be next for the monster who murdered them. It’s finally over for him.