, Port Arthur, Texas

November 6, 2013

Letter: Salvation Army funding cut

The Port Arthur News

— The Salvation Army is a vital part of our community’s charitable work.

In the past two years on an overall basis our funding from the United Way has been cut. Now United Way is requiring us to get an outside audit of our books, which will cost several thousand dollars. This money could better be used for our work as our divisional office in Dallas conducts a yearly audit.

I hope the people of Mid-County and Port Arthur will help make up for this loss so we can fund and build on our service to the needy of our community. During the week of Thanksgiving we will start our bell ringing campaign.

I am 87 years old and have been a volunteer for years. I hope people in our community will also volunteer to man a location as we need your help, especially during the weekdays. This letter is strictly mine and comes from my heart. Thanks and God bless you.

Tom Dunlop

Advisory Board Member

Salvation Army