, Port Arthur, Texas

April 19, 2013

Enthusiasm over Jack Brooks Airport

Fanny Morgan
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — It has been about a month now, since I have flown out of Jack Brooks Airport in Mid-County.  I was very impressed with the whole procedure.

I had seen the flights, advertised  from Mid-County airport to Dallas airport, for a lot less than it would cost for me to drive back and forth from Port Arthur to Dallas.   I got to thinking about it and the wear and tear on my old body would be a lot less also.  The stress of driving through Houston was a big factor in my decision to fly.  

I went on the Internet and attempted to make my flight arrangements.  I tried to get the lowest fares available.  It seemed that in order to get the fare that is advertised, you have to make reservations at least two weeks in advance.  Of course I did not plan that far ahead.  I was not going to pay three times the cost of the fare for making the reservation about a week in advance.

I immediately called my daughter and told her that I would have to drive, after all.  When explaining the cost to her for not planning in advance, she gave me a tip.  She suggested that I call them first to check prices.  If they are sticking to the triple cost, then go to a website where you can bid on your ticket.  I thought sure, this will never work.  When calling the airline, I was told a little higher price than the one quoted to me that was three times higher.  So I went on line to the website where you can name your own price.  I did not have a lot of faith in this procedure, but wanted to check it out anyway.

I was told how much it would cost to fly from PA to Dallas and asked me to bid on my ticket.  I went $20 over the lower price that was advertised in the paper; knowing that they would not accept this.  Guess what?  They accepted the price I offered.  I danced around quite a bit.  Then I saw the clicker.  There were specifications that have to be met to accept the ticket at this price.  You could choose the days to fly to and from, BUT not the times.  I thought to myself – “Get ready for the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere!”   I do not like traveling at night, but still wanted to see what timetable they had me on.  

I accepted the ticket at that website price I had asked for.  I wanted to be there on a Friday, because we had made plans for Saturday.  Then, I wanted to return on Sunday night.  It really was not that bad.   My flights were to leave at 10:00 A.M. on Friday from Mid-County airport and return on Sunday at 12-noon from Dallas airport.  I had to make a few changes in my daily routine, but I was able to be there for the Saturday events.  

Everything seemed to work out good at the airport.  I had printed my boarding pass off the Internet.  I didn’t even have to get in the ticket line.   I found out before I went to the airport that a charge of $25 was placed on every bag you checked.  I decided that I could use my carry-on bag for all I was bringing.   I walked through the inspection device — shoeless — and away I went to boarding section.

The plane was quite comfortable.  There were 2 seats on each side.  The ride itself was very smooth.  There was not enough room in the overhead compartments, so the bags were deposited at the door, for no extra cost.  Everyone was offered a soft drink during our 45 minute ride.  

I wish to thank anyone in connection with getting our airport back and running.  My experience was pleasant.  I definitely will ride again, no matter where I fly.  I feel that everyone should join me.  This was a very nice experience.

Fanny Morgan of Port Neches is once retired and now is a church secretary. Contact her at