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September 17, 2007

Peace Corps volunteer not assaulted


Hernaez says teaching English has given her a new found respect for teachers everywhere.

“Let me please take a moment to apologize to my previous teachers for any bad behavior or trouble I may have caused you in the past. Only now do I understand your frustrations as my students are not always perfect angels. However despite their occasional devilish tendencies, I can’t stay mad at their cute faces too long. I am thankful for them in fact, because they challenge me to be a better teacher,” she said.

“So though I deeply miss my family and friends, and think often of the States, my home, at the moment, is here in Mongolia. I cannot reiterate how much I love this country, its people, and my position as a PCV. I honestly wouldn’t be here without the support of my family who although would like me to be closer to them has never once told me to quit an organization that I am so passionate about. This has been a life long dream of mine and being able to live it leaves me utterly speechless, which for those who know me is hard thing to do. My only hope is that everyone has an opportunity to one day live out their wildest desire too.”

Hernaez offered a few words to her grandmother, who was so worried about her youngest grandchild being away in a foreign country.

“Lola (my grandmother), please try not to worry too much. I really am okay and love you deeply but still don’t want to come home,” she said.

The Peace Corps are a welcome sight in the country.

“The safety and security of our volunteers is the number one priority of the Peace Corps. Volunteers in Mongolia are not only safe, but flourishing. I visited Mongolia in April and was pleased to witness the strong partnership and friendship between the volunteers and the people of Mongolia,” Ron Tschetter, Director of the Peace Corps, said.

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