, Port Arthur, Texas

March 20, 2014

Defendant takes stand in PN murder trial

Mary Meaux
The Port Arthur News

BEAUMONT —  Christopher Robin took the stand in his own defense on Thursday verbally painting a picture of his innocence in the brutal Nov. 2007 murder of his roommate, Wayne Beavers.

A soft spoken Robin, 44, said he met Beaver during the summer of 2005 and moved in later that year or early 2006. Defense attorney James Makin bluntly asked Robin about the living arrangement in Beavers’ Port Neches home and if the two men were in a homosexual relationship.

“God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” Robin said, adding that Beavers’ homosexuality was something he didn’t agree with.

Numerous other people had lived at the Beavers’ home through the year-and-a-half that Robin was there. A back bedroom was vacant at the time because that occupant was currently incarcerated but his, and others’, belongings still remained.

Robin, who testified for about two hours, awoke to a thud made when Beavers threw a shoe at the bedroom wall shortly after 6 a.m. Robin’s alarm didn’t go off ad this was Beavers’ way of waking him up. The shoe was Robin’s and had been left in the living room the night before when the two watched a movie and drank beer together.

The defendant then went to cal his father but the cell phone hadn’t been charged the night before, he said. The home had electrical problems and the bathroom had the most working outlets. Crime scene photos show a microwave and George Forman grill in the bathroom.

Robin then headed to a nearby convenience store where he used the pay phone to cal his father then bought two beers and a pack of cigarettes for Beavers, who he said had an alcohol problem.

Henry Robins, the defendants father, and Thomas Robin, his brother, testified to their work day in Vidor repairing a home. Chris Robin had cut his hand during work, they said. The defendant left the job site to pick up materials at Orange County Building Materials and was gone in his fathers truck for about 30 minutes. Receipts from the business reportedly show the time he was making the purchase.

None of the Robin men used work gloves because they hampered their work hence the men were used to having cuts and scrapes. Robin had a cut that later bled when he arrived back home to find his roommate dead around 3 p.m.

Robin arrived home to find the back door locked, which was not typical, he said. He went through the home, put two beers down, then went and washed his hands which were bleeding. He then proceeded to his bedroom to dry his hands because the bathroom was filthy.

“It was dark but I could see somebody in my bed. It couldn’t have been anybody other than Wayne,” he said.

Robin thought Beavers had stumbled into his room where the air conditioning worked and had passed out on the bed.

“I thought Wayne was passed out so I kicked the mattress,” he said.

Robin kicked the mattress several times with no response so he grabbed his shoulder and noticed Beavers’ hair was wet.

The defendant then raced next door where Bradley Farr was seated on the porch with his laptop and asked Farr to call 911. The recording was played for jurors.

The badly beaten body of Beavers, 56, was found at his home on Nov. 20, 2007, in the 2100 block of 12th Street in Port Neches.

An autopsy showed three possible causes of death — manual strangulation, crushed chest and fractured skull. Robin was arrested for the charge of murder in June 2008.

The trial will continue Friday in the 252nd Criminal District Court.


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