, Port Arthur, Texas

November 1, 2013

Ask A Cop: The issue of vodka-soaked gummy bears addressed

Rickey Antoine
The Port Arthur News

— Lee from Bridge City asks: Officer Antoine, my co-worker Van and I enjoy your column weekly in The News, and we also listen to you on the radio on Tuesdays as well. We were discussing an issue about drinking alcohol while driving. Now we are totally against driving under the influence while operating a motor vehicle. Here's the issue we came across:, you see Van likes to eat gummy bears as a treat. These are not regular gummy bears, no not in the least. You see, they have been soaked in vodka. So because she's not drinking the alcohol, she says it’s OK, because it’s harmless to eat gummy bears that are soaked in alcohol and drive. I know the alcohol soaked gummy bears are affecting her because she told me sometimes it seems like the gummy bears are running from her as she tries to pick one up. So I told her she should get a designated driver if she eats the alcohol soaked gummy bears and she tells me I'm crazy. Officer Antoine, can you help us straighten out this disagreement?

Answer- Very Good question Lee! Just when I thought I've heard it all, then came Lee with a question about alcohol soaked gummy bears. I must first take the stand that driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance is illegal and dangerous. But, I must admit that it took me a while to type this answer because I couldn't stop laughing about the  unning gummy bears. Normally Lee, we ask the subject who is being investigated for driving while intoxicated how many beers have you consumed, but would we ask Van how many gummy bears did she eat? Lee, I would err on the side of caution with you and say that if your co-worker Van eats gummy bears to the point that they are running from her, Yes, she shouldn't be operating a motor vehicle. Just because you are not drinking and driving Van, you still need to monitor the consumption of alcohol by way of gummy bears into your system.

Normally I can say if you've drank X amount of alcoholic beverages in a certain amount of time, you've had too much. I don't have a calculated answer for you about how many vodka gummy bears is too much.  All I can advise is when you see the gummy bears start moving around but not running yet, it’s probably time to stop eating them. Remember, just because you're not drinking an intoxicated substance, but it causes you to be impaired, DO NOT operate a motor vehicle.

Rachael from Port Arthur asks: My windshield was hit and shattered by a rock thrown by a truck in front of me, is the truck company liable for my windshield damage?

Answer: Absolutely the trucking company is liable for any damage resulting from any object ejecting from their wheels to your vehicle. This is a common occurrence and you should contact your local Police Department or at the very least copy the license plate and the trucking company. I DO NOT advise you to try to take matters into your own hands and attempt to stop the vehicle. I understand we all like our vehicles, but we don't want to cause a disturbance on our roads that may cause injury when your vehicle can easily be repaired.

James from Port Arthur asks: My understanding is that a policeman can park anywhere he needs to while on police business. My concern is when they are on duty, but not handling police business or duties. There have been three occasions I've observed an officer parking in a “No Parking/Fire Lane” close to the store’s entrance. They went in and bought personal items, which I know this because I stood back and watched them. My question is, are they not breaking the law since they did not go there on police business? One of the police vehicles was dark blue/black with about six radars, the other two were blue and while.

Answer: No, Police are not exempt to park anywhere to do personal shopping, but I'm sure they do in areas near a business (as strange as this may sound) as a service to the public. Anytime a police vehicle can be seen in front of a business, it’s done as a deterrent to crime, not just being lazy or thinking we are above the law. James, we don't know how many crimes are being prevented simply because a police officer is inside a business and parked his patrol vehicle in front for ALL to see. If we blend in with the rest of the vehicles, where is the deterrent of crime? James, anytime you see a police officer in a patrol car he is working, if anyone approaches him to report the crime he won't tell you he's on break/lunch and instructs you to call PAPD.  It’s my opinion that the Police car itself works 100 times harder than the police officer who's driving it. Simply because people see the police car they correct their action no matter if the officer sees them commit an offense or not. A Police Officer is NEVER off, so if he's in a store and a crime occurs he must respond quickly, needing the vehicle close by.

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