, Port Arthur, Texas

February 6, 2014

PA City Council races getting crowded

Sherry Koonce
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Six more people have filed for a place on the May municipal election ballot — all officially declaring their candidacy for Port Arthur City Council seats.

Candidates have until Feb. 28 to file for one of six expiring City Council seats.

Those expiring seats include: District 1, currently held by Raymond Scott Jr. Scott; District 2, held by Elizabeth “Liz” Segler; District 3, held by Morris Albright III; District 4, held by Robert Troy; Position 7, held by Derrick Freeman; and Position 8, held by Kerry “Twin” Thomas.

Of the six filing this week, four are incumbents, including Thomas who has drawn two challengers for the Position 8 seat.

Thomas, who is completing his first term, believes streets and infrastructure needs top the list of city issues.

During his term, Thomas said the city has started addressing those needs.

“We have started putting some things in place, and I would like to see those things through,” Thomas said.

Also filing for the seat is Lowra Reado-Harrison, 53, an environmentalist and lifelong Port Arthur resident.

Better streets, infrastructure improvements and too many people out of jobs are issues Reado-Harrison sees as most pressing in Port Arthur.

Rounding out those who have filed for the Position 8 seat this week is Stephen A. Mosely, a 61-year-old retired businessman.

Albright on Monday declared his candidacy for a third term as District 3 Councilman.

The most pressing issues facing the city, he said, is the need to develop a comprehensive plan, and to set real goals for the city’s streets program and water and sewer improvements.

Abright, 51, is president of Port Iron Ltd.

Troy filed for re-election to the District 4 seat Wednesday — a position he has held for one term.

Troy, 70, is retired.

Scott, will complete his third term this year, and on Wednesday filed for re-election to the District 1 seat.

Scott, a general contractor with Scott & Scott Companies, is facing two challengers for the seat including Mike Mason and Tiffany Hamilton.

Mason, 62, is a longtime Port Arthur educator and former employee of the city of Port Arthur, where he served as the city’s Neighborhood and Community Development Manager Housing Director.

Hamilton, 33, is employed by Spine Associates as a marketer and business developer.