, Port Arthur, Texas

September 22, 2011

Sunday page covered many topics

The Port Arthur News

— Your Sunday editorial page was great. Thank you for the column on property taxes. There is no justification for a city which derives most of its income from industry to have a tax rate 25 percent higher on average than its neighbors.

The writer who called you an idiot made a good point. Not that you are an idiot, but that it took a Supreme Court decision to prevent the 2000 election being stolen. It's been done before. Most notably when Lyndon Johnson stole the '48 Senate race from Coke Stephens with late voting from the cemeteries in Duvall County.

In his column titled Poverty Drives Illegal Immigration, Neal Morgan gives us a good account of our Illegal Immigration problem. I submit though, that while it is driven by poverty it is enabled by our Congressmen and Senators who willfully betray their oath to uphold our Constitution which guarantees us protection from invasion.  When illegal immigrants in our country number in the tens of millions we have been invaded.  The column also suggested that American gun dealers have made the border problem bigger.  American gun dealers in Texas and Arizona asked for BATF agents to help them deal with highly suspicious gun purchasers.  In case after case the BATF agents told the honest American dealers to go forward with illegal sales which resulted in the deaths of at least one American Border Patrol Officer and of Mexican civilians in the hundreds.  It was our own BATF under our DOJ whose Director, Attorney General Eric Holder, reports directly to President Obama, which orchestrated these illegal firearms sales.  It is the Obama Administration that has made the border problem bigger, not American gun dealers.

And finally, Kent Conwell in a column devoted to reason has an answer to all the above, term limits.  And it's true.  If not worried about re-election our representatives at every level might do the right thing.  It is clear that with the prospect of re-election they don't.   

Ramon Hill

Port Arthur