, Port Arthur, Texas

April 5, 2011

America waiting for answers on Libya

Preston M. Losack
The Port Arthur News

GROVES — This letter is in response to the March 29 article titled, “Obama Strongly Defends U.S. Action In Libya.”

At first glance, Obama’s answers seem to be defensive and straight forward; however, his fallacious argumentation leaves America without clear answers.

First of all, as the ruler of Libya, Gadhafi has the right to quell revolutionaries. Though Gadhafi’s agenda may not be aligned with ours, he still maintains his entitlement to establish order in Libya.

Even if Gadhafi achieves those means unjustly, he cannot be described as the only ruler on the planet that fits that description. Obama refuses “to wait for images of slaughter.” So, what about the slaughter of North Koreans in concentration camps by Kim Jong-II? What about the treatment of women in Iran? What about the disappearance of Catholic bishops in China? Human rights are being violated world-wide. So why Libya?

The President also stated that “overthrowing Gadhafi by force” would hurt our coalition, putting our troops in greater danger. The idea of turning Gadhafi into a democratic flag waver is preposterous, so what exactly is our goal? Who is the enemy? What exactly are we fighting?

As expected, Obama took the liberty to point at the Bush administration’s involvement in Iraq. While the President does not want the involvement in Libya to be drawn out as in Iraq, he left the question of duration completely open. We are not being dragged into an indefinite conflict, so when will it end?

With all the rhetoric from the White House about “values”, “interests” and “responsibilities,” some important, fundamental questions remain un-answered: Why only Libya? Who exactly are we fighting? When will we finish? We want down to earth, clear as day specifics. He promised a change from the mundane news of war. Well, where is it, Mr. President? America is waiting?

Preston M. Losack