, Port Arthur, Texas

September 18, 2012

Make the hard choice for tax increase

Janet Cline
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — I read a quote that said, “A child is not a vase to filled, but a fire to be lit.” I believe it is hard to light that fire in many children because of their lack of support systems, yet our Port Arthur teachers are lighting those fires every day.

The election Sept. 25 will enable teachers to keep doing so in classes that are not overcrowded and class schedules that are not quite so daunting. I read someone’s remark that administration is top-heavy, yet I know Dr. Johnny Brown recently had to make hard choices by cutting 15 administrative positions in order to save money. I am also concerned about aging buses in our school bus fleet that need to be repaired or replaced.

These are OUR children, whatever their background, ethnicity, or ability. These are OUR children who need to be taught to succeed, taught to avoid trouble and gangs, pointed in the right direction, and encouraged to become fine citizens of tomorrow.

I know it’s hard to vote for a tax increase, even a small one; but we need to do just that! We need to roll up our sleeves and fight for OUR children.

Janet Cline

Port Arthur