, Port Arthur, Texas

September 18, 2012

Citizens should turn down tax hike

A.B. Goudeaux
The Port Arthur News

PORT ARTHUR — Are the citizens in Port Arthur so naive that they would vote to pass a 13% tax increase for one of the worst school districts in the state? If I were a betting man I would say yes. Although it would make no logical sense at all and would only bail the district out for its bad decisions of the past and pad the pockets of the higher ups. I find that quite upsetting.

It does not upset me that the lack of leadership in our schools has gone unchecked, unchallenged and is considered to be business as usual. Why? Because I have learned in my lifetime here in “Corruptville, Texas," that things are never as they should be and to question the powers that be will only cause you to be ridiculed and vilified, but you will receive kudos, a pat on the back and words of encouragement at the mall, barbershop and grocery stores. What upsets me is the fact that we as citizens in Corruptville, Texas, have become lulled into a state of complacency. We find it OK to complain among ourselves in the privacy of our homes and to the people we feel comfortable with. We support those that speak out for the good of the people then we leave them hanging out to dry when the rubber meets the road.

What will you do? Will you speak against this tax increase, vote no, and encourage others to do the same? Or will you fall for the okie doke about the district going broke in 2013 if the increase is not passed. Let the state run our district because it is obvious that we have failed to: 1. Improper relationships with children (sexual) 2. Physical abuse of children on the grade school level 3. Low test scores 4. No counseling or questioning of students after two teachers were charged with sexual relationships with kids.... 5. When a kid from Beaumont, (of a prominent family in the media) was attacked at a football game, students were questioned individually at school, cameras installed at the stadium. More was done for this young man than the young men and women victimized in our own district.

A.B. Goudeaux

Port Arthur