, Port Arthur, Texas


October 12, 2006

Cool fun for hot reason

GROVES — Fire trucks were wailing and the lights were flashing, but there was no emergency, it was just the Groves Fire Department’s annual open house.

To further the cause of Fire Prevention Week, the Groves Fire Department annually opens its doors to the community hoping to educate and entertain. Kids were allowed to climb on the fire trucks, honk the horns and sirens while other kids hosed down the streets with the help of local firefighters.

“We set up all of our equipment and labeled them for the kids to see and know what they are and what they’re for,” said Fire Chief, Dale Jackson. “It’s fun for the kids and the parents get to see where their tax dollars are going.”

Incorporating Port Arthur Fire Department’s new truck and Motiva’s Fire Department, the area around the fire house was lit up with the lights and sounds of firefighters.

Inside the fire house, popcorn and drinks were served while parents and kids picked up important information about fire safety. The slogan of this year’s fire prevention week is “watch what you heat” because the leading cause of home fires are from cooking accidents.

The fire department has a goal to inform the residents of Groves who are over 65 about fire prevention, and a recent grant will help them achieve that goal. They hope to have a smoke detector installed at the house of every senior citizen in the city.

“All we need is for them to register with us,” said Chief Jackson. “We’ll even install the detectors for them,” he said.

Captain Pete Konidis explained the importance of letting the kids see and touch the equipment the firemen use when they go on calls.

“Small children usually get scared during house fires and hide, even when the firefighters get there. If they get to see what the firemen will wear, then they are more responsive in an emergency,” he said.

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