LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Dade Phelan made history with Conservative victories

Published 12:04 am Friday, February 23, 2024

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As a life-long conservative Republican woman, I’ve dedicated myself to advocating for conservative causes and supporting candidates who embody these principles.

That is why I feel it is my duty to speak up and fully endorse Dade Phelan for re-election as state representative for House District 21.

Recently, Dade has come under intense fire from well-funded forces outside of Southeast Texas who will do everything in their power to replace him with someone they can fully control.

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By launching commercials, distributing propaganda and misinformation that is factually incorrect or incomplete, these efforts have demeaned the Speaker’s character and ignored his many accomplishments.

So, let’s set the record straight. This is a list of just some of the groundbreaking legislative victories Speaker Phelan has been instrumental in passing:

  • $6.5 billion for border security in just the last year alone
  • A ban on elective abortions
  • A ban on gender modifications for minors
  • Prohibited males from participating in girls’ sports
  • Increased retired teacher compensation
  • Strengthened the integrity of our elections
  • Ended DEI and CRT and passed the READER act to keep explicit content out of school libraries
  • Funded increases to Lamar and LIT
  • Funded increases for workforce development for local industries
  • Provided for the construction of a new and long overdue Veteran Hospital facility in Beaumont
  • Secured the largest property tax cut in Texas history
  • Increased funding for our local ports, water and flood control, and broadband expansion
  • Passed quality-of-life initiatives such as increasing mental health care resources in our own community
  • And last, but not least, as an NRA-endorsed, A+ rated lawmaker, Dade passed Constitutional Carry, an issue that had long been a priority for conservatives and no previous Speaker had been willing to pass.

Reread that list. Critics claim Dade betrays conservative values by collaborating with others, but this list proves nothing could be further from the truth.

Dade is an effective leader who has proven his commitment to conservative achievements while having the know-how to get it done.

You’ve heard the saying that if it’s on Facebook, it must be true?

You can now, for yourself, separate the truth from the lies.

I believe Dade Phelan will continue to be an effective, conservative champion for House District 21.

Looking ahead, he aims to prevent hostile nations like China, Russia, North Korea and Iran from owning or controlling our state’s precious natural resources, like our agricultural land.

He plans to altogether remove firearm purchase fees, making it even easier for Texans to defend their family and property. He will continue to fight back against the Biden Administration by devoting more funding and resources to securing our border and will explore additional ways to reduce the skyrocketing property taxes that have burdened far too many Texas families.

Never in Texas history has a House Speaker been a bigger champion of conservative causes than Dade Phelan.

Southeast Texas is also incredibly blessed to be represented in Austin by the Speaker of the House himself. Dade has proven to be a tireless proponent of Southeast Texas, guiding our whole state to continuous conservative victories, and successfully leading the Texas House on issues of which other politicians for years have only dreamed.

Dade remains accountable only to his constituents and his conservative values, and I’d urge voters to think twice about the misinformation being spread in bad faith by his opponents.

Now, it’s up to us. We have a solemn responsibility to our region and our state in this upcoming primary election, one in which we as voters must re-elect speaker Dade Phelan to his seat in HD21.

Don’t allow your vote to be swayed by outside voices who don’t know the first thing about Southeast Texas.

Our region — let alone our whole state — cannot afford to lose such a fierce advocate for the conservative values that make Texas the envy of the nation.

We need a true conservative who knows the needs of Southeast Texas, and that is our State Representative and Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan.

— Liz Welch, Beaumont