Port Arthur Independent School District trustee censured for alleged disrespectful behavior

Published 10:47 pm Friday, November 17, 2023

Port Arthur Independent School District Trustee Jacori Narcisse was formally sanctioned this week by the board for behavior reportedly exhibited during a recent closed session.

The sanctioning is a way for the board to express disapproval of Narcisse’s conduct and ask him to stop engaging in disrespectful treatment of fellow board members.

PAISD Attorney Melody Chappell read the resolution to formally censure Narcisse, stating on Oct. 12, Narcisse’s behavior, language and conduct toward fellow board members failed to meet the professional standards for an elected official or the minimum standards expected of any trustee.

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And, on Oct. 26 board members attempted to resolve the behavior issues with him but he “exhibited no remorse for his behavior and indicated his intent to continue the behavior throughout 2023.”

The resolution passed with five yes votes, one no vote by Narcisse and one abstain by Trustee Taylor Getwood.

PAISD Attorney Melody Chappell, at podium, reads a resolution to formally censure Trustee Jacori Narcisse during Thursday’s meeting. (Mary Meaux/The News)

Speaking with Port Arthur Newsmedia after the meeting, Narcisse said he was caught by surprise as he thought since the deliberations occurred in closed session, the issue was squashed.

He said he could have fought the sanction and maybe expose what everybody does in closed session but chose not to fight fire with fire.

“We have other issues that we should be addressing, but I’m happy to know they can censure a board member but we can’t work together and do nothing further,” Narcisse said.

The public reprimand is just that, a public reprimand and Narcisse said this won’t stop him from continuing to move forward with the district, continuing to advocate for the employees and students and to continuing to work with colleagues.

Board President Brandon Bartie said the censure is about very unsatisfying behavior and the lack of respect for board members.

Bartie said this was something board members did not want to have to do.

“We tried several times to resolve the situation by talking and trying to get mediation and try to see both sides of the story,” Bartie said. “But we can’t move forward by letting individuals know exactly what’s going on and what we have to deal with. For disrespect, it’s not about your opinion. I’m going to respect what you think and how you vote.”
Bartie said it’s not his responsibility to question but when members can’t speak and not be respected by a fellow board member, that’s what comes across.

Bartie said they will continue as a board and wanted to let Narcisse know publically the board is dissatisfied with the way he’s handling certain things.

Bartie said in the years he has been on the board, he has never questioned the attorney’s legal answer after asking a question.
Bartie said this was the third time the board has attempted to resolve the matter.

Narcisse’s name was not listed on the PAISD agenda item and stated “consider, and if appropriate, adopt resolution sanctioning board member.”