Go inside as Proficient Rehab offers unique physical therapy experience

Published 12:38 am Wednesday, April 26, 2023

GROVES — Two men with the love of sports and improving mobility joined forces to create a unique physical therapy business.

Dr. Jason Campbell and Dr. Dustin Craver are owners of Proficient Rehab, 6115 39th St., in Groves. They offer a variety of services including orthopedic manual sports therapy. They also work with Dr. Julie Weeks, who specializes in pelvic floor physical therapy.

Craver said Proficient Rehab is made up of therapists with different clinical specialties, allowing them to provide care for a variety of needs.

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They provide outpatient therapy, home health therapy and accept a majority of insurance types.

Home health

Campbell said home health therapy could mean a person has undergone knee replacement surgery, and they begin working with them at home before transitioning them to outpatient therapy with one of their therapists, or even the same therapist.

The idea of carrying over care from home to outpatient makes Proficient Rehab unique, the team says.

Proficient Rehab is located at, 6115 39th St., in Groves. (Mary Meaux/The News)

The beginning

Campbell, a Nederland High School graduate, became interested in physical therapy while playing basketball at Lamar State College Port Arthur. He injured his ankles a lot and spent time getting them wrapped in the trainer’s office.

Campbell became interested in becoming an athletic trainer and spent time with the trainer Johnny McDonald.

“I told him I really like this athletic training stuff, and he said athletic training is great but you’re too smart for that,” Campbell said, adding McDonald suggested a career as a physical therapist.

He shadowed a physical therapist and loved it.

Craver, a Port Neches-Groves High School graduate, is also a sports fan and found the career through a guidance counselor. At that time it was called Exercise Science.

The two are now treating youth who suffered the same types injuries they had at one time, but now they have knowledge of how to prevent those injuries.

Campbell’s areas of interest include orthopedic lower extremity and spine sports injuries, and Craver’s areas of interest include orthopedic sports injuries and post-op rehabilitation and pediatrics.

Various pieces of therapy equipment are used to help patients at Proficient Rehab. (Mary Meaux/The News)


Campbell said they perform a number of procedures, including manipulations, which is making adjustments or manipulating joints; dry needling, which is an acupuncture-like technique; and neuromuscular electrical stimulation, where electrical impulses are used to activate the muscles.

They have a variety of equipment machines designed to help unweight a person after an injury, he said. For example if a person is recovering from an ACL tear and can only put 25 percent of their weight on the foot, they have a specific kind of equipment allowing this so they can begin exercising early in the rehab process.

Weeks, who specialized in pelvic floor physical therapy, said this type of therapy helps with incontinence and pelvic pain, as well as helping men who have incontinence from prostate cancer.

Weeks became interested in the field after visiting a pelvic floor therapist in Lake Charles, saying after two visits her life was changed and she knew tat the community here needed this specialty.

“You shouldn’t have to drive over an hour to get help because you leak urine,” Weeks said. “And the over-60 crowd, more than half deal with it. While it is common, it’s not normal to leak urine. There is hope and it’s not always surgery. There’s a lot of things we can do on the conservative side.”

For more information on Proficient Rehab call 409-237-4181.