Tekoa Academy students help test New Artificial Intelligence App

Published 12:18 am Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Dr. Paula Richardson recently helped open doors to pioneer an A.I. App that improves flood mitigation data collection.

The Tekoa Academy STEM School leader, who passed away Jan. 9, was well known for her vision related to emergency management and homeland security; however, what is little known is her concern for the citizens of Port Arthur’s safety.

In 2016, Richardson contracted with Charity Productions to provide a series of disaster response exercises, FEMA online courses and learning expeditions as part of the college and career readiness program.

Tekoa Academy students collect stop sign photo to help in a community effort to increase flood impact information. (Courtesy photo)

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In 2022, Princess Chretien, CEO, expanded Tekoa’s emergency operations projects, including authorizing the artificial intelligence flood mitigation A.I. stop sign project.

Charles X White, the school safety consultant, requested Mayor Thurman Bartie host and send invitations throughout the region to emergency planners and professionals to learn about the new A.I. – APP.

One of the features of the new app is citizens’ participation by taking photos of high water at stop signs from their homes. The city of Port Arthur benefits by increasing water data collection points, allowing municipalities to create better evacuation traffic flow, saving lives and cutting costs.

On Feb. 9, at Port Arthur City Hall, Dr. Amir Behzadan, Texas A&M University’s Clark Construction Endowed Associate Professor, Construction Science, was the featured speaker concerning a new AI – App that improves flood data collection.

Tekoa Academy’s 11th and 12th graders collected over 100 street stop signs where flooding occurs.

Five Tekoa Academy students were recognized for participating in the A.I. project on February 9; assistant city manager Pamela Langford provided street locations. Students Alexander Gonzales, Johnique Green, Caleb Labeaux, Gregory Johnson, Aubry Burdis, and Andonnia Lowe, Secondary Principal at Tekoa Academy were recognized by Mayor Bartie for their pioneering contributions.

We want to thank everyone who attended the seminar. A special thanks to Mayor Thurman Bartie, City Manager Ronald Burton, Assistant City Manager Dr. A. Thigpen and Pamela Langford.

Submitted by Charles X White and Andonnia Lowe.