Scammer acting as PAPD detective targeting sex offenders

Published 12:34 am Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Police are warning the public of a new scam targeting sex offenders.

Port Arthur Police Chief Tim Duriso said they learned of the telephone scam after a person reported the issue.

The scammer is reportedly identifying himself as “Det. Brooks” with PAPD and targeting sex offenders, claiming they have an outstanding warrant. The potential victim is directed to go to a kiosk and send money to avoid an arrest.

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Police say this is a lie. Port Arthur does not have any officer by the name of “Det. Brooks.”

And, Duriso said police would not call and request money.

Duriso said they have not seen this particular scam in the past but have heard some scams where a caller pretends to be with the police association or tied to the police department.

Duriso wants to get the information on the scam out in case it continues.

“We would like the public to be mindful. We don’t operate like that, asking for money,” Duriso said.

Other calls, police said, might not mention “sex offender” but are directing people to wire money from grocery stores or other businesses.

PAPD advises to hang up on the caller without speaking to them.

Any money sent will not be recovered, police said.