Groves leaders plan to review sale of building, waste water plant upgrades

Published 11:12 pm Friday, December 2, 2022

GROVES — Groves City Council is planning for the future as they research the possible sale of a building and map out upgrades to the waste water plant.

The discussions and/or action will be made during the 5 p.m. meting Monday at City Hall.

Earlier this year city leaders approved leasing the former chief’s office at the former fire station at 6150 Short St. to JM Testing.

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The space is roughly 700 square feet in size.

The city is now looking to have the whole building appraised for future sale.

City Manager D.E. Sosa said if the appraisal and ultimate sale occurs, this would put the building back in use, which is beneficial for the city.

In late August, council approved the lease of the former chief’s office to JM test Systems for 75 cents per square foot on a month-by-month basis.

The money brought in by the lease of the approximate 500-square-feet office helps offset the cost of utilities to the building. This would bring in approximately $410 per month, and the cost of utilities come in around $500, Sosa said.

The reason the utilities remain on at the more than 65-year-old building is to keep it from falling into disrepair and to keep it from mildewing.

Council has been in talks since COVID on improvements to the Groves Waste Water Plant, Sosa said. On Monday there will be discussion and possible action taken on the scope of work.

The proposed upgrades allow the plant to run more efficiently and lower operation costs.

There are four projects being recommended to the plant that is approximately 25 years old. Headworks screening, headworks grit, aeration, digestion and

Council can opt to do one or more of the projects that come with a price tag. The cost to do all fur is $9.1 million.

Headworks is where the sewage comes into the plant. The upgrade would allow removal of a lot of contaminants such as rags, grit and rocks and keep them from getting into the plant. There is grant money available to cover the cost.

Aeration is where the raw sewage is aerated with oxygen to help get the quality of water needed. If the project goes forward it would save the city $50,000 to $100,000 in operational costs per year.

Digestion is where the heavy solids are removed and the treated water goes back into the system.

If the digestion project is not done, the cost is $7.1 million.

“Council needs to review this and look at what is the best way to go,” Sosa said.

Issuing Certificates of Obligation is another funding possibility for the project.
“The whole key that city council is adamant about is they don’t want to raise water and sewer rates,” he said.

The good news about the multi-layered project is that it is not a critical need right now and the plant is operating fine.

In addition, Snider Electric will guarantee whatever amount of savings they determine with the audit. If the savings do not match up, the company will pay the city for the difference.

In other business, council will hear from the Groves based One-Eyed Jacks Productions who wants permission to film in Spikes Park in January.

Sosa said at this point they are looking to film a scene for a film in the park and want to ask council’s permission.

Jerry Loncon with One-Eye Jack Production under which Studio 220 Films is working, said the company does commercial work and short films.

Loncon said the short film is a faith-based drama and they have one scene they hope to film in the park. The film requires the use of a prop weapon and Loncon wants to have a police presence so there is no misunderstanding in case someone looks out a window and sees the scene.

In addition he plans to have a weapons master hold the weapon until filming and make sure safety protocol is being followed.

Loncon said his is a faith-based film company that does not do religious or church movies. Instead the films rely on a faith-based message without beating people over the head with it.

The upcoming film will have a run time of 25 to 30 minutes, he said, and be called The First Step. The plot follows a man who struggles with his faith after a tragic incident.

There is a Crowdfunding page on indegogo to help with the project.