ASK A COP — Why do some officers allow some traffic violations?

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, November 22, 2022

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Alvin from Orange asks: Why do some police officers allow traffic violations to occur right in front of them and they don’t respond? I don’t believe you would allow this to happen, so why do others?

Answer: It’s very hard, almost impossible, for me to defend another officer’s actions, or in your opinion, the lack thereof, if I wasn’t present. There may be MANY reasons why officers don’t respond to violations that occur. First, there is a good possibility he/she didn’t see it occur. Just because you saw it, doesn’t necessarily mean the officer saw it. There is almost constant communication on the police radio and the in-car computer that has an officer almost ALWAYS busy. Some officers just don’t have time to stop and address a traffic violation if they are already headed to an assault or fight in progress. I can’t address ALL the violations that occur in my presence. If so, I would NEVER go anywhere. I would remain in the same spot. Consider this, traffic offenses are occurring somewhere ALL the time and in ALL cities. Many Officers may just choose to address the offenses that are the most harmful, in their opinion, to the motoring community.

Tera from Port Arthur asks: Is it illegal to drive 75 mph on a spare tire? My cousin just goes all over the place without replacing that tire. He acts like that’s the original tire for his vehicle.

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Answer: We are all aware the donut/spare tire is designed to be driven on a temporary period, until you can have the replacement tire repaired. If I’m not mistaken, the maximum recommended safe speed for a donut/spare is 45 mph. So in my opinion, your cousin is presenting a hazard on the roadway if he is traveling with a donut tire at 75 mph. So YES, that’s a violation. That is UNSAFE SPEED because that tire is not rated for that type of speed. As you know with me, safety comes first on our roads, and if your cousin is putting too much trust in a donut spare tire by pushing it 30 mph above its maximum safe speed, he is not very concerned about his or any other motorist’s safety on our roadways.

Glo from Port Arthur asks: My daughter recently was given a ticket for failing to yield the right of way from stop sign, and I was looking for a defensive driving class to go to before her court date. I don’t want this to go on her driving record because my insurance premium will most likely go up. Do you know any class locally here that she can attend?

Answer: I’m sure many other readers who are raising teen/young adults have experienced the dilemma you are facing. Having a child get a citation from a moving violation really does threaten to increase your insurance premium. But first I have to slow you down a little on taking the class before you go to court. If you do that you will find yourself in a difficult position, meaning when you receive a citation from a police officer you are commanded to go to COURT first. You will need to go to court first and you will also need to order your daughter’s driving record from the state of Texas. Once you receive permission from the court to take a defensive driving course, then you can proceed to take the course. Remember the state of Texas allows a motorist to take a safety driving course only ONCE a year and if she takes the course before the court gives her permission she will use up her opportunity to take the course. Therefore wait until the court gives her/you instructions. On the classes to attend you asked about, I’m not a liberty to suggest ANY class. You will need to contact the court for that information. I will tell you that the state even allows defensive driving course online. Hope this is an eye opener for you daughter.

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