ASK A COP — Can you legally drive with a cast on your foot?

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Susan from Port Neches Asks: My mom’s driver’s license is due for renewal. She will turn 81 years of age on January 21, and I’ve tried to go online to request it and we’ve even mailed it in, but the request was rejected. Now, Mom is afraid that something bad has happened to her license. What should we do?

Answer: Tell your Mom to calm down. I believe I see the problem. Susan, your mom has reached beyond the magic age of for license renewal (79). In Texas, once you have reached the age of 79, you will no longer be eligible to renew you license online or by mail. You must make an appointment and go up there in person. Licensed drivers in Texas must renew their license every six years, and Susan when your Mom reached the golden young age of 85, she will experience another change. Instead of renewing her license every 6 years, she will have to go in every 2 years to renew her driver’s license.

Henry from Bridge City Asks: I need you to straighten this issue pertaining to speeding for me. A couple of weeks ago, I was traveling to Houston and when I got on Interstate 10, the speed limit dropped to 65 mph. But it seemed like nobody was going slower than 75 mph. Would that be a reasonable speed, since EVERYONE is doing it, or would it still be considered speeding?

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Answer: By your continued reading, it is my belief you are part of our driving solution in Southeast Texas. Henry, my constant statement is “You are in control of the vehicle, not the vehicle is in control of you!” Well, at least we are not quite there yet, where the vehicle drives itself. I know it’s either tempting or intimidating to join the crowd. But when you KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY travel above the posted speed limit, YOU are violating the state law of SPEEDING. The best plan of action in this case is get over to the far right lane and let the speeders have it. But you continue to drive legally either AT or BELOW the posted speed limit sign. Don’t ever let someone alter your driving behavior because they are in a hurry or just simply want to speed, unless it’s for the safety of yourself or other motorists on the roadway. Always ask yourself this question when wanting to join speeders, if I was in a department store and everyone was picking up items and running out without paying for them, would I join them or go the register like I’m supposed to and redeem the items.

Kelly from Port Arthur Ask: I recently injured my left foot. I’m currently in a cast and walking boot. I was encountered by a security officer, who told me, “Don’t let the police catch you driving with that boot, they will give you a ticket.” Officer Antoine, I really don’t need a ticket right now. I’m going through so much already and I took the security officer by his word. It’s been three weeks since I’ve driven and I’m an independent woman, so it’s been really tough on me depending on others to get me around. Was the security guard correct, suggesting I should not drive while I’m wearing the boot and cast? I really don’t know what took me so long to Ask A Cop. Can I drive with the boot?

Answer: Every now and then, I receive questions that can be answered with one word, and Kelly your question is one of them. Your answer is “YES.” You can drive your vehicle with the boot on your left foot. Did your doctor restrict you from driving? If not, then it is permissible by the state of Texas for you to drive. If you feel like you are physically capable to operate your motor vehicle, then go right ahead. Everyone knows how it is to depend on others to get around. And, now, Kelly you can take yourself. Be certain to find that security guard and give him a copy of this “Ask A Cop” to enlighten him. I’m sure he didn’t mean any harm, he just was not correct on the information he passed on to you. Kelly, drive on and when I see you again, if you permit, I’d like to sign your cast!

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