CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Venture into the Man Cave with perfect snacks, more

Published 6:37 am Monday, September 19, 2022

Sugar Plum makes crazy-good chocolates and has branched out into something they call, “Damn, Man Snacks Guys Love.”

That’s sure to bring a smile to faces. Two women and one man pigged out on Texas BBQ Peanuts, Memphis BBQ Almonds, and we unwrapped nibbles of alligator, pork antelope and wild boar.

In turn-around flavors, Sugar Plum gives you the award-winning sweets.

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Ever get nostalgic for your childhood fruity cereal, grandma’s apple pie and pancakes and syrup? But you wish there was some high-quality chocolate holding it all together?

The Nostalgic Chocolate Bars linefrom Sugar Plum Chocolates also has milk and cookies and peanut butter and jelly selections, all in their triangle-scored oversized chocolate bars.

Sounds a little crazy, but I have tester witnesses that these flavors blend seamlessly into these bars for a great experience.

As the label reads, “a little taste of happiness.” Umm, there’s also a pumpkin spice. Learn more at

Some too-cool-for-school things guys will also like:

Write your own back story with a glass flask of Johnny Bootlegger Foxhole Fruit Punch, a malt beverage shot with a fall hue. But the story at has a pretty good story already. Fun flavors for those with imagination.

For just 10 calories, Celsius Live Fit offers Arctic Vibe, a can of sparkling frozen berry drink with essential energy to accelerate metabolism and burn body fat. It’s a cool one in a slender can for a slender body —

Loki is enhanced seltzer with hemp-derived Delta 8. That is 5 calories of conversational refreshment. Try it with friends. It’s more than a novelty. Learn more at

Liquor Whaaat?! Cream Filled Beavers are no joke. They’re delicious cute-shaped dark chocolates with rum truffle and champaign cream filling. Fun to give, fun to enjoy. But I’m hiding my stash. Learn more at

For Me, in the Man Cave: And to light up the evening, I’m enjoying a Vita Mia soy candle in grapefruit. It’s orange, smooth, uplifting and to me, smells, like shopping in a boutique or getting a hotel spa treatment.

If you’ve wondered what Man Cave or Boho would smell like, got to and pick one from a company on a mission to spread “warmth and love through the universal language of lifestyle.”

Oh, how those kids talk today. But know what, I get it and it’s very good. It’s “my life” at with more offerings.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who loves to go into the man cave. But she brings extra vegetables, just in case. Share your adventures at