DR. BOBBY LOPEZ — Bob Hope Schools creating paths for students to transform their communities

Published 12:06 am Saturday, August 27, 2022

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From the early years of my education, I remember always looking forward to report card day when we were provided letter grades.

There were grades for reading, arithmetic, phonics, language arts, science, social studies, handwriting, behavior, art and physical education.

Coming from a highly economically disadvantaged household in which English was our second language, we always took pride in the A’s we received. This resulted in great happiness where Mom and Dad would proudly give us a big hug.

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Though there was never any extrinsic reward given for the A’s, the rewards were intrinsic with a deep sense of fulfillment for the achievement attained.

So, in today’s accountability ratings, the Bob Hope School recently received a districtwide A. Out of the past three rating years, we received the only A in Region V the first year. The second year, our rating fell to an 89 or a B. This year, we climbed back to the top, being the highest score in all of Region V.

What does it mean to us at Bob Hope School?

The first thing it means to all our employees, students and parents is that we are performing very well. The A serves as validation of the work we are doing.

Recently, Methodist Hospital was ranked No. 1 of all the hospitals in the state of Texas. It was not more than an hour when the announcement was made in the media, that I, having my doctor at Methodist, received a notice in my email about the No. 1 ranking.

So, it does mean a great deal to be able to be able to share this outstanding accomplishment with all stakeholders. More importantly, it is something that all districts should expect to achieve from their educational programs on an annual basis.

What we regard highly at Bob Hope School is shaping the values of young children to be honest, respectful and service-minded. With this, we also place great emphasis on STAAR achievement, 100 percent of our students taking the SAT and being accepted into colleges and universities.

This year, many of us did take advantage of the optional scoring of growth versus performance. What we really need to do is focus on providing all students with the opportunities to be able to read, write and perform mathematically on grade level by third grade.

Additionally, for students, these academic recognitions should not be based on monetary rewards from parents, but rather simple hugs from Mom and Dad for great triumphs and future successes.

Our Montessori program at the elementary level stresses intrinsic rather than extrinsic rewards, because we are cultivating independence and responsibility in children. This creates in the students a deep satisfaction in the work they complete in the classroom and then transfers to their victories outside the classroom.

Instilling these values and having these expectations have allowed Bob Hope School to transform our community. Some of our students have now graduated and joined BHS as teachers and other staff, giving back to the community in which they were raised and joining our efforts to proudly instill our principles in all our students.

Dr. Bobby Lopez, CEO, has served as superintendent of the Bob Hope School since 2010. Contact him at bobby.lopez@bobhopeschool.org or 409-983-3244.