LETTER TO THE EDITOR — What’s wrong with us?

Published 12:03 am Friday, July 22, 2022

In spite of historical warnings about the fate of houses divided, we can’t seem to find the glue to put us together again as a nation.

As a divided nation, we cannot continue to claim to be the leader of the “free world.” It boggles my mind that we ignore so many of the things about which we agree.

The blame however lies with “We the People.”

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Television is full of pictures of people gathering by the thousands to march and carry signs in protest. Just imagine the energy required to organize such demonstrations.

The simple act of voting in an election requires only a fraction of the time spent to put together a march of protest. Unfortunately, over half of the population passes this opportunity to support democracy.

Instead of spending time and money to put together or participate in a protest, try spending your time getting citizens registered to vote, learn what the issues are and urge your friends to participate.

Send money to the candidate with whom you are in most agreement.

As a retired politician, I can assure you these practices will glean you more attention for things with which you have an issue.

As an example, gathering outside the home of a Supreme Court justice will do no good while full participation in senatorial elections will.

Too often, because of our division we have passed up the opportunities for things good in quest for the perfect.

Political officers listen to educated and active citizens.

Our nation will again be united when we show that we all care.

Right now we are getting too much of what special interests are paying for.

Only “We” can change this.


— Carl Parker, Port Arthur