ON THE MENU — Customer service, connection leads at 5 Star Nutrition

Published 12:36 am Saturday, July 2, 2022

Alyssea Orme feels at home in her role as manager for 5 Star Nutrition.

The shop has been open in the shopping center in front of the Port Arthur Lowe’s since February.

Orme said the storefront is more than a vitamin and supplement location.

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“It is way more in-depth and involved with our customers’ goals,” she said. “Our mission is to help people reach their goals and to be with them through the process. They come in and give us the rundown of what they are working towards. We make them a plan that is tailored to what they are doing.”

The location also has a machine on site that allows employees to determine muscle mass, body fat percentage and metabolism.

“They get to see the science behind what they are doing,” Orme said. “Say they are a weight-loss customer and want to lose 40 lbs. They come back every two weeks and we just look at everything and make adjustments along the way. We are with them in that process. Before I started working here, I had not heard of anything like this.”

Orme said the first few months have gone well, but added she wants people to be aware of where the store operates.

5 Star Nutrition is located at 8425 Memorial Blvd.

5 Star Nutrition offers one-on-one consultations along with nutritional advice. (Chris Moore/The News)

“It has gone good for sure,” she said. “We are still getting our name out there. That is the main thing. I love seeing customers and how excited they get. Earlier I had a customer come in who lost 6 lbs. in two weeks. He was so stoked. Yes, it is just the fitness side of their life, but you are literally helping change their life.”

The manager has been able to make personal connections with customers because of her own fitness journey.

“I got heavily into an eating disorder,” Orme said. “It was at one spectrum and then the other. I was starving myself like crazy and then I was gorging and bingeing on everything you can think of. Lots of emotional hell in my life led me to that. I got tired of being sick and tired and feeling this way. I started being consistent in the gym and changing things over time.”

5 Star Nutrition offers one-on-one consultations along with nutritional advice. (Chris Moore/The News)

Seeing the changes in her own body and life led her to want to help others achieve their goals.

“People don’t just have an eating disorder,” she said. “There are things that lead to that. I have a lady that comes in and we connected immediately. She was crying and talking to me about how she was glad she had someone to talk to who gets it. That matters. I can come in and run a process and sell a product, but if I don’t care about the customer, I am not doing my job.”

For more information, call 888-301-0065 or visit 5starnutritionusa.com.