CHRIS MOORE — High school can be great, but what comes next is better

Published 12:05 am Wednesday, May 18, 2022

In just a week and some change, seniors will pour out of the doors of their high schools one last time. Many students wait their entire school life for that moment. Now, hopefully equipped with as much knowledge and wisdom an 18-year-old can have, the real lessons begin.

The tests get a little harder but the rewards are much greater. For some, high school was a time of great joy, spending time with friends that have been together since kindergarten. Some of those bonds will last but many will weaken over time as new bonds with new people form. If high school was a great experience, enjoy these last moments. Soak up every bit and appreciate it for what it was. Then let it go.

Be ready to make new memories and friends. High school can be great, but it should never be the pinnacle of one’s life.

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If high school, or grade school in general, wasn’t a pleasant experience, know it is almost over and a new life is about to begin. Most people are only in school for 13 years. Thirteen years should not be summation of a life. There is plenty more to experience and learn after your 18th birthday.

College isn’t for everyone and we are fortunate to live in a area where it is not required to get a four-year degree in order to make a decent living.

College is often seen as a means to an end. That makes sense. If you want more money, just go do a little more school. While that can often be true, the college experience should not be about making it through to start your career. For many, college is going to be the first time that young people are around others with completely different backgrounds and upbringings and thoughts about the world. Take advantage of that. Take classes that are outside of your comfort zone.

The next piece of advice is probably the most important and comes from a TV show. It is a bit cheesy but stay with me.

In the final episode of Boy Meets World, longtime teacher Mr. Feeney has his students in his classroom one final time. His last advice to them before they go out into the world all on their own was “Do good.” One of the show’s main characters attempts to correct the teacher by asking if he meant to say “Do well.”

In our society, we focus a lot on doing well. We want the job that shows we are doing well. We want the house that shows we are doing well. We want the car that shows we are doing well.

But doing well often means that someone is focused on themselves. Doing good requires us to focus on one another.

To those graduating, congrats on getting past the first hurdle. There is plenty more to be done. Do good.


Chris Moore is the sports editor for Port Arthur Newsmedia. He can be reached at