These Mid County street stretches are next for repairs

Published 12:38 am Friday, March 18, 2022

Several streets in Nederland, Port Neches and Groves soon will undergo repair in Jefferson County.

An agreement this week from the county supplies all three municipalities with needed labor and equipment.

The proposed streets for 2022 are as follows:

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  • 11th St. at Boston Ave. to Detroit
  • Chicago Ave. at 11th St. to 11th St.
  • Franklin Ave. from 16th St. to 21st St.
  • I from 14th St to Twin City Highway
  • Kent Ave. from 12th St. to Twin City Highway
  • A from S. 12th St. to S. 14 ½ St.
  • G from S. 37 St. to Hardy Ave.

Port Neches:

  • 6th St. from north of Magnolia to Williams
  • 7th St. from north of Magnolia to William north dead end
  • Dallas from New to Lee Ave.
  • Herring from 8th St. to dead end
  • D from Merriman St. to Main Ave.
  • Port Neches Ave. from Llano St. to Merriman St.
  • C from Llano St. to Main St.
  • Ordway from Port Neches Ave. to Eugene
  • Armstrong St. from 5th Street to Magnolia
  • 9th Street from Magnolia to Eugene
  • 10th St. from Magnolia to Welsh north dead end


  • Adams St. from Harrison Ave. to Cleveland Ave.
  • Van Buren Blvd from Main Ave. to Wilson Ave.
  • Jackson Blvd. from Main Ave. to Garfield Ave.
  • Terrell St. from Highway 366 to Highway 73 access road
  • Taft Ave. from 25th Street to Highway 87 access road
  • Kent Ave. from Monroe Blvd. to Van Buren Blvd.
  • Woodlawn Dr. from Allison Ave. to 32rd St.
  • Washington Blvd. from Main Ave. to Gulf Ave.
  • Doyle Ave. from Washington Blvd. to W. Jefferson Blvd.