CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Shower sweetness on your Valentine

Published 12:04 am Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Some version of wine and chocolate is a must for Valentine’s Day.

Give in to it, and get a little innovative with these holiday treats.

Math I like – I’m on the record for avoiding math. But I love this equation: Cream + Sugar is house-made and hand-packed artisanal ice cream from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s found a home in Texas via Central Market.

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Now we in the Lone Star can enjoy Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Huckleberry. But wait, mini ice cream “sammis” are the YESSSSS! of the bunch. Little silver-dollar sized crispy cookies hold in the creamy stuff and sprinkles just guild the lily.

A whole lot of yum. I think I’ll go to Wyoming to thank them for coming to Texas. Learn more at

Chocolate is Mandatory – A square of 70 percent Congo Dark Chocolate pairs well with yellow yam and plantain chips, according to what suggests. But maybe you’ll go for something more exotic.

Soursop anyone? I’ve become a fan of super dark chocolate and I confess, I like to dip it into hot tea so it melts a tad before I savor that silky warmth.

Cupid’s Cup – More love toward Adagio Teas later. But let’s start with Cupid’s Original Potion, a creamy and fragrant blend of hibiscus, strawberry and vanilla. Little colorful hearts in this loose tea melt into your brew. That may be a sweet secret the for the one who makes it from the one who enjoys it. Learn more at

Pirani – My Valentine knows my love language includes travel cups for good sustainability juju. But we are going to fuss over who gets the new aqua “Paradise” colored Pirani tumbler. It resembles your iconic red party cup, but you can enjoy this same one for years.

It feels good in the hand and stays out of beach trash. Oh, I just found an X on the bottom where you put your name so you won’t lose your cup. Learn from their creation video at

Food & Courage – Can some flour and sugar save the world? Rachel at Food & Courage is counting some change, at least. Shaved Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Maldon Salt are dairy, gluten free and have a goal beyond being delicious. They are good, by the way, and Maldon Salt has a history worth looking up. Here’s the deal, the company also helps to end human trafficking and build a healthier America. Are you in? Learn more at

Sovi has Sparkling Rose and Red Blend alcohol-removed wine in cans to kick off night. This Napa couple keeps aromas and flavors by boiling off the alcohol via vacuum distillation. They add grape juice and bubbles. It’s tart. This sort of beverage is trending, so get in on the experimentation. Cans are eco-friendly for on-the-go occasions. Drink up at

Support two babies – Foodies, when can you borrow your baby’s blanket to fold it into a cool fashion accessory for yourself?

Would you like that blanket to get softer with each washing and for your purchase to help another baby get one, too?

This is too much. What if it came in your favorite color and supported sustainability?

Enough already. Go to Bundles of Hope and learn what’s the latest thing hemp is doing. Baby Boomers, could you imagine wrapping your grands in such a beautiful and useful tie-dyed hemp offering?

We know we’ve been consuming various parts of the plant in seeds and oils. When you order from this company, you may get a card explaining additional hemp uses from industrial textiles and carpeting to cardboard, printing ink and oil paints.

Learn more at

‘Tis the Season – Cupcake Polish of Dallas wants to be seen in the best light. The light is what makes their holographic touch stand out. Sparkle in pink for Valentine’s Day. I’ve mentioned this product as a birthday treat. As Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas approaches, check out shades to pair with Majestic Krewe of Aurora supporters. The color Aurora Borealis is just a starter.  Zugzwang and Groovy Baby and will also stand out as we enjoy culinary adventures on a stick and grab for beads. Connect at


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie striving to make everyone as happy as she most usually is. Reach her at