CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Cheesecake brings ‘Golden Girls’ memories

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, January 26, 2022

If the nation can agree on anything these days, it’s that we loved Betty White and “The Golden Girls.”

They fussed and forgave and grew together, often over cheesecake at the kitchen table. When I received a lovely Rao’s cheesecake for my birthday, it came with memories of my family coming home from church on Saturdays to watch this show together.

I’m hearing Freddie Mercury and Princess Di watched GG together, too. Betty White has left us. Sorry for our loss.

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Which one are you?

Surely you’ve played that game. I’d like to think quick-witted Dorothy, but people suggest I have Rose’s sweet demeanor. Good combo, I’d say.

I’m matching some fun, new products to GG personalities. Play along with me:



Nudge connects thinking foodies to the source: Candelilla shrub waxes compostable silk floss pulled reusable glass bottle.

The vintage apothecary feel that gives a “nudge.”

Consider a sustainable “nudge” bamboo toothbrush, natural mint toothpaste and mouthwash by the drop.

Travelers tuck them in a zippered pouch. Little “motherly” health tips on packaging continue to “nudge” you. If the products feel good, you’ll use them more. Learn more at

Naturally calm – Arrowroot, marshmallow root and chamomile sound like kitchen ingredients.

A mom “cooked” up a natural recipe to sooth eczema. Her Naprim Naturals line has many options and I’m enjoying a talc-free nourishing powder that calms a variety of irritations from razor burn, cuts and nicks to breakouts and blemishes.

Just applying with the soft kabuki brush is soothing. Learn how hair stylists are using it at



She gets the Man Stuff category. Our Southern lady would be drawn to present her fellas with some of these goods:

Husky Beard – Chicago Comb Co.’s Model No 7 Carbon Fiber is professional grade graphite black made-in-the-U.S.A. pick for detangling and styling for men and women of all backgrounds.

This anti-static comb may be great for beards, but I’m following the suggestion on the back of the pack and using these times for my curly, natural, thick hair.

Also: Good for pompadours. Their charcoal soap and beard wash/conditioner has been a boon to my husband. I’ve seen it work. Check out

Cheegs – There’s a Collarless Future coming out of Minneapolis. Cheegs is a dress shirt with NASA temperature regulating fabric, a 4-way stretch that resists stains and is 14-times more breathable…. Now, where’s the collar on your dressy work shirt.

Cheegs says you don’t need it. More power to them.

This shirt is not cheap, but I think it could become a man’s new favorite and care is easy. Gonna say, the shiny fabric and sleek, rounded areas put me in mind of a high-end sports jersey, but the models at look extremely professional… and relaxed.

These are men’s shirts. I’m enjoying their high-quality socks as well. When you look good, you feel good.



Gloss is trending this year, and I see Rose in these neutrals shining up her sweet smile.

A former model created vegan Whollygloss.

Would she want to get into the polymer tech that forms an invisible film to keep the gloss on longer? Dunno.

Would she want to look great at the dance or her volunteer work? Of course.

Check out



Let’s give her Dr. Motion compression socks.

After a long day of bingo, she can put her feet up in style. Bringing wellness through socks, makers say they were the first to style up a basic product that feels so good for those who stand a lot.

I’m rocking the birds and leaf motif but I’d fit Sophia into a floral bouquet. Learn more at


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie wishing golden moments to all her readers. Reach her at