CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Have you tried “everything” about bagels?

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Surprise again, I can make bagels.

A Cali Bagles mix made it super simple. Read the directions and THEN follow them. I knew you boil bagels, but then you bake them and there is some dough rising, as well.

I nearly boasted to a friend I would bring fresh bagels, but they would not have been ready in time. We had to eat them all ourselves.

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“Everything” toppings is so trendy. My first attempt looked OK but tasted great. They have tips and everything.

Am I considering a T-shirt with iconic ‘70s swirly writing from

Do I want to wear it so people will “ask my about my bagles? I want “everything.”

Forage – Mushrooms and foraging are hot topics. I’ve recently seen two movies and shared a cookbook on the topic. Chaga is a form that grows on birch trees and Forage Hyperfoods is making “preventive fungi medicine” a thing. Join in with Out of the Woods, their coffee blend of Honduran and Brazilian and wild chaga.

Mushroom coffee is a nice cup of warmth that tells you a story as you savor it. I don’t even taste the “immunomodulator adaptogen antioxidants.” The 100 percent Wild Canadian Chagra Tincture Dual Extract is another story. Two droppers of this in a beverage or on a snack has an earthy flavor and some food grade ethanol. Chagra is the star and again, it feels old-timey satisfying to squeeze out droplets of tincture from a little brown bottle. Stay well out there at

Crushing hydration goals – Who made it cool to carry a canteen around? Shop the Hydration Collection at for clues. They look a lot different than you’d imagine, unless you keep up with Oprah’s gift guides for things moms will appreciate. MyBevi has vacuum tech, premium grade stainless steel walls and an interesting paint texture that gives a better grip. Keeps it hot, hot, hot or chiller cold, as you wish. A good travel cup is a pleasure to have and hold. Pick from very cool colors and shapes. May I suggest the Napa Collection?

Black pepper perfume? – Notes of Rose Bourbon, Black Pepper and Vanilla hooked me as a Culinary Thrill Seeker. But take the scent quiz to create your own bespoke scent. Don’t smell like everyone else, Wit & West Perfumes challenges. Are you a floral or citrus girl? Get going at

Still with the Pumpkin – Oat creamer in pumpkin spice and chai, nogs and milks that are nuts, literally and a mission for change a family closed a Queens dairy in 2016 and opened a door in Buffalo to go all plant-based. Little cartons of flavor use “more of the source grain, nut or seed” in products with superior nutrition and flavor with fewer ingredients. I’ve tried these flavored creamers to great success. tells the story. Get sweet flavors with no gluten, no added gums or oils that are dairy-free.

Scrummy Gummy Bears – I’ve eaten more gummy bears in the past two years than I have in my whole life. They’re trending, and this line gives a 60-calorie treat with organic, natural fruity flavors. tells how the Clearwater, Fla., company gives you the flavor without sugar or artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Go ahead, eat the whole bag, they suggest.

New Year Exercise goals –  It’s true. Women are living live in their activewear, and Zizzy Fit’s creator has made it better. Foodies, you’ll like this: Sonya wanted to look good as she took control of her health and pieces from the Confidence bra, racerbacks emphasizing collarbones and shoulder blades, elongated sports bras and on-the-go tanks are the result. Leggings have outer seams for slimmer silhouettes and higher waistbands compress tummies. They also hold your phones and keys. Ready to go? Look into to experience to good looks, fits and feels I’m enjoying in the color “Sprung.”


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie taking charge of 2022. Join her with positive thoughts at