LETTER TO THE EDITOR — Port Arthur resident seeking answers to city’s trash collection issues

Published 7:43 am Monday, January 10, 2022

Mr. White, (Director of Solid Waste Trash and Residential)

I know you are aware we have a very large trash/garbage collection problem in Port Arthur and have for many months, perhaps years.  It needs to stop now.  You are the person who can correct the problem.  I have a few questions.

They are:

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1 – How many garage trucks do we own in Port Arthur?

2 – How many of these are in service at this time?

3 – How many of them need repair?  AND what is the status of the repair of these vehicles?

4 – Do any of them need to be replaced or are they are repairable?

5 – Who is repairing them?  Is it our service center or are we sending them out for repair?

6 – How many truck operators do we have to operate these trucks?  Are their vacancies?  If so, when can we expect them to be filled?

7 – When can we reasonably expect regular service to resume?

The Citizens of Port Arthur, me included!!!, are tired of your excuses. We want action. I feel certain that this lack of service at an increased rate to boot, will result in your not being re-elected or hired! This stinky situation should never have gotten to this level.

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I have complained and our garbage has been picked up on Tuesdays, our regular day, over the last month except this past week and it was picked up on Wednesday. Because of the holidays, this is excusable…BUT  the rest of the time it is NOT!!!  The Citizens of Port Arthur, my hometown, deserve better!!!!

NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!  WE WANT SERVICE THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR!!!!  This is a health hazard for Port Arthur citizens. Please do not try to put a Band-Aid on the problem and put out large trash receptacles around town as the mayor suggested. This solves nothing!

— Lucille Armintor, 

Port Arthur

P.S.  The schedule for trash/garbage pick up on the Portarthurtx.gov webpage is for 2021! That certainly needs to be corrected.  I had to request that update last year too.