CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Here is a salute to your health

Published 10:59 am Monday, January 10, 2022

January is National Soup Month, and here are some health-conscience foodie finds that ought to pair with any resolutions you’ve made.

Let’s toast, and eat, to our health.

Upton’s Naturals Soups – My Taco Tuesday included Chick Tortilla Soup, hearty with a hint of lime, that brought me back to spring break in Mexico.

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It’s made with Upton’s Naturals own chick seitan. That’s a gluten meat substitute that you may not have even needed to know about.

A vintage mustachioed man is the logo on Upton’s Naturals Italian Wedding and Chick & Noodle Soups as well. Ironically, my fave of these three was the first, and I just got a taste of that one.

I’d made it for my mustachioed husband. I’ve enjoyed this brand’s packaged, flavored jackfruit as well.

LivBar – Just tell me it’s healthy, some may say, so they don’t have to read the labels.

Blueberry, vanilla and what’s that? Kale?

LivBar made it happen for me. It’s good and filling and tastes like a much more naughty dessert. Organic superfood bars are a big beautiful square mosaic of seeds hand made in Oregon.

Compostable wrapper? I put mine in a flower pot.

Lemongrass, cherry and matcha delivered a ZING. I was sitting right by a pot of lemongrass on my patio when I got it.

Raspberry macca is one of many more to try from

Boost – It’s interesting that the same basic products could go into a boost to help you refocus and energize and a sleep version to help you rest. CaniBrands for sport, fitness and wellness also has a “Fresh” to relax and revitalize.

Look them up at to see why they are proud of how they make their line.

The process has come a long way. Jojoba and camphor are fragrant components of the Repair + Recover cream.

Briva – Watermelon-Tangerine goes one fruit above basic lemon or blackberry, though any Briva Organic Infused Still Water is good to me.

It’s also good for me. Zero-calorie flavored water is my best friend at this time of year.

Visit for the full the story.

DrySee – Liquid-Indicating Gauze changes colors when your waterproof bandage is compromised.

Then, it’s time to change. It’s an easy concept so thanks to for “keeping it dry.”

CEO Brad Greer gets applause for putting people’s minds at ease.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie focusing on mindful, slow eating so as to savor every bite. Share your finds with her at