New Port Arthur sign program nears starting point and date

Published 12:36 am Friday, January 7, 2022

A project first proposed to City Council in 2020 to bring a multitude of new signs to the City of Port Arthur is projected to begin this summer.

Tammy Kotzur, executive director of the Port Arthur Convention and Visitors Bureau, said city officials and the visitors bureau are working with the Texas Department of Transportation on locations and easements for the 50-60 types of signs that range from large, lit monuments to directional signs for various city locations.

“We’re really excited,” Kotzur said. “City Council already approved all that; it’s all budgeted.”

“Primary Monument Signage” is one of the several sign options presented to council. (Courtesy of Clark Condon)

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Kotzur said Pleasure Island would be the “test case” for the project.

“They’ll be the first ones to get the signage because they have so much of it currently that is in bad shape,” she said. “We also have some informational signs that will eventually go up, so it is a three- to four-year project.”

However, she added, they’re hoping to have everything completed in three years.

The City entered into an agreement with Clark Condon Associates, Inc. of Houston on May 26, 2000.

On May 11, 2021, Jason Miller from Clark Condon and Mark Judson of Judson Designs presented the proposed signage to council.

“We looked at several concepts with the team in Port Arthur and settled on this theme of nautical heritage of Port Arthur,” Judson told councilmembers at the time. “The concept…draws on the maritime tradition and history of the Port.”

Renderings of signs designed and shown to councilmembers last year have a new logo, font and color than those currently at various landmarks.

The largest sign, called Primary Monument Signage, is lit from the inside while Secondary Monument Signage will be on timers to be lit for contrast.

Those are made for city entryways such as Texas 96 at Texas 73, Texas 82 at Texas 73, the Texas 73 corridor, the Texas 96 north axis and Texas 96 at the railway crossing.

Other signs, Destination Signage and Informational Signage, will be placed at various city buildings, landmarks, historical markers, and other places where people can read about the history of the location.

Kotzur said the exact locations for some signs are under discussion.

The project will be paid for by hotel occupancy tax.