CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — New Year goals include indulgence

Published 1:55 pm Monday, January 3, 2022

It’s time for resolutions and best choices, right?

Yes, but… January is my birthday month, so I get to keep being indulgent, full of rainbows and enjoy shiny things.

Bear with me and treat yourself:

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Sucker for Organization – Find things where you left them, plan ahead and look good doing it.

It’s more fun with 1Thrive collections in Boho, Industrial, Minimalist, etc. I went with the Taylor, with hooks to get this all-in-one over the kitchen door.

A special marker jazzes up to-do and by-day lists, a bulletin board saves love notes and coupons, a metal pocket catches big stuff and hooks and pails at the bottom could be for keys.

You see this every time you leave the house so… confidence is high that you’ve corralled the info and items you need.

Look for variations for your office in Sarah, Audrey, Harper, etc. at Love this: Printable calendars, goals lists and more here.

Cupcake Polish – I don’t often polish my nails, but when I do… I choose a forgiving texture.

Perhaps this Dallas-based product, which they call the world’s best holographic polish, is more geared toward school girls who draw unicorns on their notebooks. I don’t care.

A girl has got to sparkle on her birthday. And every Wednesday, for that matter. These shine and shimmer the light and it makes you want cotton candy and roller skates.

You may think I’d go for the most purple, Aurora Borealis, or Blue Tourmaline, but I’m practical, even in this. Oh Ship! is a classic silver that goes with… whatever I want it to. Learn more at

“The Official Unicorn SPiT User’s Handbook” – I suppose I was only vaguely aware of this shiny, multifaceted bottle of stuff that goes all 3D on your craft projects.

Upscale side-of-the-road wooden table finds, create a fairy wardrobe with wings, perk up your sneakers and craft just about anything from the contents within.

Michelle Nicole’s story is very cool, and I love that this all started when she worked with some challenged adults who enjoyed her projects. She worked to make them safe, so one man could paint with his hands and arms.

Get the book, get the paint/gel/stain/glaze and go to town. You can SPiT on that.

SkinTEA – Or charges women to be comfortable in their own skin.

As I slather on creamy Pumpskin soap, with pumpkin powder for vitamins, sunflower oil, turmeric for glow and colloidal oats for exfoliation, I’m thinking this formula sounds like a recipe.

Obviously it is … for skin health. A soft headband keeps product from hairlines. At least once a year, a woman ought to get treated to luxury like this line offers.

Karuna – Whole plant juice comes bottles offering prebiotic fiber and antioxidant.

At home, please pour into a stemmed glass so you can savor the beauty and flavor of ashitaba, dark cherry and pomegranate with aronia berry and kiwi.

Whole plant here sounds like the whole orchard. There’s a lot in there and you can feel the nourishment working your cells. Karviva Unwined, mentioned last week, is a Dry January wine alternative that will make you feel great as you drink it and also the next morning.

Learn more at

Searching for TWRL – Remember the Twrl Milk Tea I went on about last week? The Supreme Jasmine tea in a can made with tea from centuries-old trees?

Twrl is an unusual product with a distinct name, and I mistyped it in the notice. Read up on all their flavors at and remember to twrl the can.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie joining forces with other Capricorns this birthday season. Reach her at