CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — Amuny’s. It’s that big of a deal.

Published 12:05 am Tuesday, December 21, 2021

While we here in Port Arthur can pick up a lunch or party tray any time we get an Amuny’s Liquor deli craving, what’s a former resident to do?

Ask their mom, in my case.

My daughter called because she and a friend were discussing the original relish-adorned sandwich on soft bread and asked if I could pick one up so we could share it Thanksgiving morning.

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What? With all that other food?

She convinced me.

While the owner favors the smoked turkey with jalapeno cheese (another turkey option for the holidays?), my family doesn’t mess around with anything but the original with ham, salami, Provolone and relish.

In the same phone call, my daughter then proceeds to mention she assisted with a Heimlich maneuver, helping a co-worker in need.

Wow, amazing, I said. “That’s some story. And you lead with the sandwich?”

Just saying, that is how important Amuny’s is in our family.


Cork Genius

I didn’t think I needed any help opening a bottle of wine. When I trained at Bennigan’s, I was intimidated by the corkscrew and secretly wished no one would order any.

But the anti-wine snobs at Cork Genius (wait, they are anti snobbery, certainly not anti wine) have put together an array of impressive tools.

There’s an efficient foil cutter to an instant aerator you pop into your open bottle.

Just pour and it introduces oxygen and evaporates excess sulfates as the wine runs through and into your glass.

Let me mention the vacuum wine sealer that pumps oxygen from the bottle to keep “leftover” wine fresh for days past what a stopper or cork could do. But here is the thing. The Cork Genius Wine Opener is the star of the show.

Clamp it on top, push the “needle” through the cork, pump and “pop,” the cork comes out.

The air pressure is a “science thing” and maybe a bit of a show at your next gathering. Cork Genius is designed for a standard bottle and it worked as promised.

I’m extremely impressed with all of these tools.


Yum Punch

Hibiscus red beverages are festive to see and imbibe.

Erin’s Elderberries makes sachets of Yum Punch, “a tasty fruit punch style dry herb mix” that hits the spot for parties. The fruit bits swell in the bag, and it’s strongest if made overnight.

If you don’t do wassail, this can be your holiday simmer. I recently praised Erin’s Linzer cookie kit and jelly. Erin, just one bit of advice. You’ve got an adorable little gardener logo. Just make your name a little bigger on the label.

Your line is naturally wholesome and good. You need to be showing off that name!


Old Trapper

What’s up in Forest Grove, Oregon?

Old Trapper has gotten all gussied up with a new gusseted bag. Why?

Those Teriyaki Deli Style Beef Sticks are the same natural smoked flavor that puts you in the mind of hikes with beautiful vistas. It’s for the retailers, reports.

Better display and all. It may not matter to many loyal snackers, but there is some competition in getting the “last bag” of what you’re used to before making a path toward the future of Old Trapper.

I like their web presences as much as their product.


Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area foodie who is always bragging about Amuny’s. And her daughter, Jasmine. Share your brags with her at