BRIGHT FUTURES — Memorial student Dre’don Husband’s career choice started with Hot Wheels

Published 12:36 am Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Positive and motivated with an affinity for cars, Memorial Ninth Grade Academy’s Dre’don Husband has a bright path ahead of him.

“Dre’don is one who lets his actions speak louder than his words in the most positive way, [he] catches on very quickly, and does not mind helping others,” biology teacher Ashton Moses said.

Ahmad Smith, who teaches principals of information technology, called Husband a brought young man who is goal-oriented.

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“Mr. Husband is a wonderful student with a passion for cars and achieving academic excellence,” Smith said.

Husband enjoys his coursework and expanding his knowledge.

“I like learning Spanish, because it’s a new language, and learning about other religions,” ninth grader said. “I also like geometry, because it’s my favorite subject. I like learning math with different angles and shapes.”

Biology is interesting to Husband because of the different types of cells.

Dre’don Husband is a student at Memorial Ninth Grade Academy. (Mary Meaux/The News)

Husband is in all honors classes at Memorial Ninth Grade Academy and is in college prep classes called Advancement Via Individual Determination, or AVID.

Counselor LaKendra Mitchell said the program focuses on skills students need for college such as note taking, communication and research.

While college is some years down the road, Husband is interested in mechanical engineering, which goes right along with his affinity for cars.

In fact Husband has nurtured an interest in cars since he was younger and collecting Hot Wheels — he had approximately 150.

His passion now is working on and designing cars. One day, he would like to build his own car.

As for his free time, he enjoys comedies, action movies and video games with racing involved.

Dre’don Husband is the son of Drake Husband and Cassandra Husband.