CULINARY THRILL SEEKING — No fruitcake…just the tin, please

Published 12:03 am Tuesday, November 23, 2021

I grew up stopping at Collin Street Bakery in old Corsicana on the way to Dallas.

Their new mega stop on the highway is even more handy. I’m always amused by the vintage tin design featuring a carriage in a snow scene and a cowboy at the Alamo.

It’s iconic, but it doesn’t look like my part of Texas. My daughter asked for one of my tins but I couldn’t let them go. They’re always at estate sales, so I picked up extra for pocket change.

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I confess, I like the tins more than the fruitcakes they once contained. They just look like the holidays. Read on for more fruity finds:

Speak to your Landlord – If you’ll take an Eviction Notice in a Condo size, you must be at Landlord’s Signature Daiquiri Den, a new business at 1645 Jefferson Drive. Beginning with a heartfelt prayer, this place had a ribbon cutting and distributed menu cards.

The Golden Triangle location features Hypnotic, Strawberry and Peach and there’s another offering called Sex on the Seawall. Now that’s customized. Sizes range from Apartment to Estate. By the Way, the Eviction Notice is a Hurricane.

FigBrew – It’s complicated. It may be a thing to describe Figbrew as coffee’s mellow mate when it is fragrant ground figs you brew into your morning drink.

An inviting can, labeled that it was roasted about four days before arriving at my door, gave way to a nostalgic aroma. Figs are Biblical.

They are also like the big tree kids may recall picking from on visits to “older” relatives in the country.

Now figs are new as you scoop out just a tad and drop into your French press to make Figgee or Mellow Mix. It’s not coffee at all, but you’ll probably think it is.

Roasted figs have the texture and color in your mug. It’s fragrant and brews a powerhouse serving of fiber, calcium and magnesium. Curious? I hope so.

Learn about the pumpkin spice latte version at

Burst of Lemon – I know you. You’re going for the Cake Jar. Who wouldn’t, with a view of goodness peeking from the cute little canning jar?

Fabrizia Lemon Baking Company’s Whoopie Pies are fun to say and their Blondies are rich to eat. Fabrizia Spirits Limoncello indulgence is part of their sunny lemon collection. Enjoy some chilled in a glass on “coffee break” with giant lemon cookies.

My personal favorite a soft biscotti to flavorful to dunk. There you have it. is ready to ship Italy’s lemony sunshine to you, complete with yellow ribbons.

You didn’t know you needed to have this, but you do. I shared, and I was thanked.

Almonds = Pumpkin – Nutpods is still at it with plant-based, dairy-free creamers ready to flavor your holiday coffee, etc.

Almond + Coconut unsweetened creamer comes in pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha and holiday nog.

Who doesn’t love a good nog? I’ve read you can cook an egg in cream, so I took my tiny skillet, added the pumpkin variety and made myself an egg for breakfast.

Guilt-free luxury. Makers would love to hear from you at

Austin East Ciders – Picture a canning jar stuffed with golden peaches soaking in a golden spiced soak.

Now pop open a can of Austin Eastciders Spiced Peaches Cider, and you might envision yourself on grandma’s front porch. This can of hard apple cider is just right.

“How do you like them apples?” the can asks? Very much, I tell it.

Superiore grapes – La Gioiosa offers several Prosecco labels, but why not go straight to the one called Superiore D.O.G.C (denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin).

It’s a bubbly with a flavor and is sure to get attention at holiday gatherings. A pop and fizz satisfies the senses as well.

We toasted the memory of a loved one in her special stemmed glasses with this line.

Valdobbiandene Prosecco and all the others sparkle with more info at

It will have to do in lieu of a trip to Italy.

0ats got alternative – When did you last get excited about oatmeal?

When peaches & cream, banana bread and acai bowl came to breakfast?

Alternative Oats looks much more “whole” when you open the packet when compared to more well-known brands.

Artisan oatmeal with components including pecans, flax seed, guava and cacao boost the flavor, nutrition and interest in your quickie breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch break.

I actually lined my packets up in anticipation of the next morning’s flavor options —

Fruity chews – I truly had no idea Jelly Belly had so many offerings.

They’re known for flavors and as they’ve branched into sugar-free gum you can taste your childhood by chomping Verry Cherry, Berry Blue, Watermelon and Island Punch.

Stuff stockings with little boxes of fun.

Darragh Doiron is a Port Arthur area fruity foodie. Reach her at